Enhancing Search Functions

I know this is not the first time this has been suggested but I feel like it can’t hurt to bring it up again, especially as the listings grow.

I noticed that as of late, the site has really expanded its offerings and that’s awesome. But with so many listings now, it would be great if there were more ways to search for assignments that allowed for broader areas. Being able to exclude certain countries would be helpful too.

I noticed an option to search by a particular county for a US state for example but I imagine most people would just search a whole state if they were looking to be in a certain state. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Northeast US’ ‘Southern Europe’ etc…

The map feature is somewhat helpful in this regard but it’s not easy to use. I see that when you zero in on a certain area, the bottom of the page on the laptop at least, does give some ‘broader’ options like counties.

A couple of weeks ago, I was curious about the number of new listings in a given period and when going through the site on my laptop, I was 44 pages in and still ‘new.’ I stopped after that! So that was at least 500 in a 24 hour period. Maybe trying to fit more on one page could help too-right now it is 12. To be able to exclude certain locations would also be really helpful in this regard. Even a relatively new listing of a couple of days in can be pushed back so far people may not even see it.

I am also curious if the site does anything about listings that have been up a certain period of time? Many of them have so many applicants so waiting for someone to apply clearly isn’t the issue. Perhaps you can notify people after a listing has been up a certain amount of time that they will either need to extend it ( or perhaps suggest they repost it as a new listing) or it will be taken down?

I know a lot of owners have been saying lately they aren’t getting a lot of interest and there could be numerous factors at play. I suspect the main issue is the number of owners is growing faster than the number of sitters available. But I imagine this could also be a contributing factor.


Agreed! Excluding locations is the update I would most like to see. It would be super helpful and shouldn’t require too much work on the back end to accomplish.

I’m not sure how much consideration feature request votes are given, I did request this feature in another thread and nobody from TH ever responded. Maybe if more people vote for it they will chime in and add it to their roadmap.



I would love it if there was a search by continent, like “Europe”, “Oceania”, South America", etc.

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The map feature works really well for this. I can zoom in to the specific areas of interest and see active and inactive sits which I can explore and favorite for future reference. I especially like it for areas with less number of sits.

@Amparo The map feature can help, but not always. It doesn’t work when trying to search for Europe, excluding UK. if you zoom the map enough to exclude the UK, you also exclude many European countries.

It works for me as I find it very easy to zoom in and concentrate in one specific area at a time.
I don’t want to see hundreds of sits at once when I can only be in one place at one time.
I work from out to in then in to out.
I let my fingers do the walking :rofl:
Yep dated myself