Excluding specific locations from search

Hi guys, just wondering if the idea of offering an option to exclude locations from searches has been tossed around? It may have been talked about before but I didn’t find it on here.

I sometime search Anywhere for location but use other parameters to filter and see what kind of adventures are out there. I’d love to have the option to exclude certain countries from that list. Is this a possibility?

I can’t be the only person who would find this useful? :laughing:

Use case - I enjoy looking at the new sits every day over my morning coffee, but now there are a lot of new sits listed in the US. That is great for peeps who want to visit the US, but I would like to be able to exclude the US and browse all of the other new sits. Is this something the dev team has ever thought about including in the filtering options?

Yes, I agree @Lindsay. It would be nice if THS had an advanced search option where you could do a Boolean search. That way you could eliminate certain places and search for multiple locations at once by using the words AND, OR, or NOT.