Excluding specific locations from search

Hi guys, just wondering if the idea of offering an option to exclude locations from searches has been tossed around? It may have been talked about before but I didn’t find it on here.

I sometime search Anywhere for location but use other parameters to filter and see what kind of adventures are out there. I’d love to have the option to exclude certain countries from that list. Is this a possibility?


I can’t be the only person who would find this useful? :laughing:

Use case - I enjoy looking at the new sits every day over my morning coffee, but now there are a lot of new sits listed in the US. That is great for peeps who want to visit the US, but I would like to be able to exclude the US and browse all of the other new sits. Is this something the dev team has ever thought about including in the filtering options?

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Yes, I agree @Lindsay. It would be nice if THS had an advanced search option where you could do a Boolean search. That way you could eliminate certain places and search for multiple locations at once by using the words AND, OR, or NOT.


Hi @Lindsay
I also would appreciate being able to exclude certain places from my searches.

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Love this idea. I currently have a trip to the UK planned for this year, so I’m not interested in even the sweetest UK sit. But I’m stuck wading through LOTS of UK sits.


This has definitely been discussed. I would love to search for sits in Europe, excluding the UK.


I think this is a fanstatic idea, I tried looking but did not see that. I also think HO should be able to toggle “Single” “Couple” or “Both”, and make it so this was searchable for sitters as well. 99% of the time I will be traveling as a single, and it stinks to have read a nice listing, and see afterwards they are looking for a couple. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


@trustSitCommunity @Brad @Lassie @BlueDiamondRose So great to see this thread resurrected, it blew my mind that nobody else seemed interested.

It still really surprises me that we don’t have the ability to exclude locations and I’d love to see it added, so please click that vote button at the top!

@Ben-ProductManager any chance this happens to be on the roadmap?

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I have no idea how I even missed that little vote button. I went clicked it. :slight_smile:

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As a Brit who wants to EXCLUDE sits in the UK, is there the possibility of searching ‘the European Union’?

I’ve tried and the answer is no. I think you have to search individual countries which takes ages and can be very frustrating.
I’m looking for sits on the east coast of US and Canada this summer but there is no way of looking at these areas without going to the map function which is even worse than the lists. I’m having to troll through hundreds of sits in the whole of the country or put in individual states.
Frustrating. Another function THS should have a look at.

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Yes I agree. I have to search for :

  1. France 2. Italy 3. Greece 4. Spain 5.Turkey et etc etc …
    Tiresome, and time wasting.

The ability to exclude locations is my biggest wish for the site & app. I don’t know if the vote feature here on the forum does anything but if you go to my previous post about exclusions and vote maybe we can show TH how important this is to users.


@LTD @Lindsay … Have moved this into the thread suggested.

On this topic, I would also love to see multi-state search options for the U.S. (and I’m sure multi-country searches for more compact regions like the EU would also be helpful).

I am traveling around the Southwest, and it’s a bit tedious to have to separately search and refresh each of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada for my current trip.

It would be amazing if you could do a saved search for wherever you’ve zoomed in on the map, alternatively.

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@happycatsitter This post might help with your point about zooming in on an area.

Search of an area on the map

I know how to zoom, as it’s the only way to search more than one state… my point was please let me save a search with my zoomed map area so I don’t have to redo it every time :slight_smile:

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I did understand your goal. I think the steps in the link I’ve provided do cover both selecting an area of search and then saving that search.

That would definitely be useful. It would also be great to hide sits from our results feed that we already find unsuitable for us for whatever reasons. Of course with an option to ¨unhide all¨ when we’re ready to see everything again.

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I also would love to exclude the U.K. sits as the bulk of the sits are in the U.K. so that would really cut down on the amount of sits to scroll through.