Suggestion - need a way of hiding sits on app

It would be great to have a facility to grey out or hide sits that we as sitters decide aren’t a good match. It gets a bit annoying when I keep getting notifications for sits I’ve already seen and arent for me because they aren’t suitable, such as requesting a couple etc. Be great to grey out when scrolling.


I have never approached a sitter to come and stay, either in the first instance or for a second sit. There are several who have ‘sat’ for me I would delay love to have them every time but I feel it is for the sitter to decide if they want to sit.
As of yet I have never had a ‘repeat’ but live in hope that one of the ones I would like to see again sees my application for a sitter and applies.
As for ignoring sits you don’t want to do isn’t it ‘politik’ to simply make an excuse if approached, there can’t be many of them?

Sounds rather like the opposite of hearting a sit. And when one has narrowed the options, and go back to apply, many are at review stage.

I’ve only been in this group a month, and still working my through the various settings for setting up specific searches and how location searches works. Seems to show different options each time!

That’s not what @Reliablesitter is talking about, and I agree entirely with her. When sitters search for sits there should be a way of marking up the sits we don’t like. It is very annoying to keep seeing the same ones we’ve discounted.


Yes, I think it would be fairly easy to implement. Just a “hide” button.


I agree. I’d love to hide USA. Despite not including the country in my preferences, loads come up when I’m searching. It would be great to have countries added to the filter button.


@JacquelineB The only easy thing was reordering profiles, to make them “pet centered”.

The system is ten years old, and was written for a much smaller membership. The code seems to be poorly structured, they have written that they are afraid to touch it. They cannot even add a legend/key to the availability calendar.

I am using volunteer-driven hospex sites with better software.

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I’d love to see the destinations that I’m not interested in, and that I had not chosen to be hidden too. Ie… other continents. So annoying to keep seeing them come up on my feed.

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