Option to hide sits

I’m sure I’m not alone in having it helpful to have an option to hide sits that I’m not interested in. For example, I’m interested in sits in York & “city of York” and not ones that come up for that area but are, for example, in thenManchester area (I realise that the home owners choose where the location is, but so often it’s miles out) or ones that I simply don’t want to go for, for one reason or another.

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We’d love to hide all of the UK and all of the USA as we don’t sit in either and that’s a huge majority. Also don’t think you can at the moment….:thinking:

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I believe that zooming in in area on the map that is of interest to you is the best way of doing this.

That’s fine if the HO has been accurate in stating where they are (and many aren’t). Maps also don’t enable me to eliminate those sits which I’m really not interested in and filters don’t cover the decision making process.

I’ve been wondering how to hide specific users. There’s one of my past sit HO that I’d like to block so I don’t see it when I search.

@Looney, that feature doesn’t exist.

But it would be sooooo useful if it did :slightly_smiling_face:

That was my point

That would be such and important feature as I hate seeing listings over and over again that don’t fit my criteria. Plus, there are listings I’ve applied to in the past that got denied and I don’t want to accidentally apply for them again. I don’t remember every listing that I read especially if they were from months ago.

@IHeartAnimals You would know if this happened. Once you click on “Apply” you are brought to the inbox where you write your message and click the Apply box and you will notice you have previously communicated with that HO. Happened to me, and I ran out of there just in time! :laughing: