Ability to hide listings

This is may be a bit controversial but I thought it would be worth a discussion whether the functionality to “hide” listings from searches would be useful/feasible. Basically the opposite of making it a favourite.

It used to be pretty easy to see whether you had spoken to an HO previously because when you started the application you did so in the shared chat and could see old applications etc and so maybe you’d go actually I’ve already applied for this twice and twice they rejected me without a word so I’m not going to bother again. Or alternatively you may have read their listing in detail and did some research and decided that listing would not be for you yet everytime it’s listed again or had the smallest wording change it keeps coming up in your searches and alerts wasting time and effort. Theoretically, if you could hide listings you wouldn’t see listings which you have already decided weren’t a good fit for you for one reason or another and maybe avoid some of those awkward interactions where you realise you already dealt with someone 5 years ago and it didn’t go well. I’ve seen that feature on some other sites and it can be quite useful.

Anyway, just something to discuss or consider.


I don’t think it’s possible & is really annoying because it would be extremely useful. It can’t be too hard to add as a function, and it has been discussed before. If you have a conversation with a home owner in your in box and decide it’s not for you, you can move it to the archive. But scrolling through sits that don’t match criteria can’t be marked up so we don’t see them again. Another housesitting website has a smiley face or frown that can be clicked on….
Here’s a former discussion on the forum that may be of interest:

However, watch the website as I’ve received an email asking if I’d test the new Inbox. Apparently “managing applicants and applications is about to get a whole lot easier….”
so hopefully permanently deleting sits that aren’t on our radar will be one of the improvements! We can only hope!

Yes, it would be great to organize sits and hide the ones you are not qualified for or interested it.
If would be an efficient time saver.
I think THS wants people to be on the platform as much as possible and will not offer any ways to spend less time searching.