Filtered Saved Searches

To help find listings I’d be interested in and help reduce the number of unsuitable listings I need to wade through, I’d like an automated recurring filtered search where unsuitable listings are filtered out. Yes, I know that Saved Searches exist, but this isn’t quite that.

How it would work: All xx,000 worldwide listings are displayed, whether or not they have current dates, in order of how recently they’ve been updated. I then add filters to “permanently” remove listings I know I won’t be interested in. Examples:

  • If I’m allergic to cats, I can specify “hide all listings with cats”
  • If I have no plans (or ability) to travel out of my country, I can specify “hide all listings outside of X country.” Maybe I have no desire to visit certain regions also, so I could add “hide all listings in North Dakota”.

At any time, I can stop adding filters and start going through the listings, much like someone would swipe left or right on a dating app. Swiping left (or clicking a button) would mean I’d never see that listing again. Swiping right would keep it on my list of acceptable sits. If I figure out I need to add another filter, I can go back and do that before continuing.

When new listings are added to THS, they’ll be shown to anyone who uses this feature, but if they match any of the filters they wouldn’t be. (For example, a new listing in Chicago with 2 cats would be shown to everyone who hasn’t excluded cats, or hasn’t excluded 2+ pets, and hasn’t excluded Chicago/IL/US.)

Any time an acceptable listing has active dates (that are on my availability calendar), I can see them on a My THS page. Every listing on this page should be acceptable to me, so then I just have to read a small number of listings to make sure they’re a perfect fit.

If a listing changes the number of pets or other things, they might show up again if they are no longer blocked by my filters: a listing that used to have a cat but now only has a dog is now acceptable, so it will show up again.

Hello @mahkato and welcome to the forum - we hope you enjoy connecting with members from around the world, and we look forward to reading more about your house sitting experiences in our contributions!

Thank you for your thorough feedback. I’m sure the product team will be very interested to read your suggestions and recommendations for consideration in their future amendments to the search options and filters. Being able to get feedback like this directly is one of the great benefits of this forum! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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