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It would be quite helpful to have a search filter option that allows you to filter searches by date.

I like the search filter, but it doesn’t go far enough with delineating information. I can get a search for 1 month, cats, and location, but then I can’t filter the results by dates. I waste so much time scrolling through potential sits to find the date range I need.


It is actually possible to search by dates, or maybe I’m misunderstanding your question?

Here’s a screenshot. Dates, Duration, Pets etc…


Hi and welcome back to the forum @FloridaBuckeye - good to see you here again. As @Kelownagurl mentions below there is a way to search by location, by date range, then by duration, and also by type of pet.

You would need to search location first, then put your date range in and apply, then select the duration and other filters.

If we aren’t understanding you correctly, please let us know and we will try to help. All the best, Vanessa

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I know how to search by dates. I often search for date ranges such as January to June to see what sits are available.

I am asking that a filter feature be added after that initial search. The original search results come up with dates in random order. An additional sort filter to organize the search content by dates would be nice.

For example, if I search for cat sits between January and July in the United Kingdom, I then have to scroll through sits with dates in random order. It would be helpful to have the results appear in chronological order or for a sort filter to be added to organize the search results.

Make sense?


That does make sense to me now… Thank-you for clarifying this. It’s basically a “sort by date” option, which I agree would be very useful, especially when searching for sits, or simply have it that the display automatically shows sits in date order. We will pass your suggestion over to the product team for feedback. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Is it possible to search for multiple countries at once such as France OR Spain OR Portugal?
How about Europe Except UK
These would really help me simplify searches.


Hi @robinwills
There is a little trick you could use for Europe Saved Searches, instead of needing to save each country and city. If you search ‘ANYWHERE’ in your saved search - when the map of your search shows, zoom in on only the Europe area you would like to capture on the map and this will then filter out all the non-European listings and now will only show you the listings that you want to see in Europe. When the daily emails come through of new listings, they will now show only the European listings you indicated on the map.
I hope this helps.
Therese :wink:


Unfortunately, zooming on the map doesn’t permit a user to exclude the UK and still show all of mainland Europe. If I zoom in enough to exclude every tiny part of the UK, I eliminate some European countries (usually Spain and Portugal)


HI @lassie Yes, I see what you mean. Maybe one now needs to do 2 searches for Europe.
Not ideal, I understand and I will mention it to our tech team in the meantime.
Kind regards Therese

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@robinwills I’d also like to be able to search by continent, and strongly agree that we need an ‘exclude’ filter. I asked about it sometime ago but unfortunately nobody from TH has ever responded. If you visit this post and click the vote button at the top perhaps it will be acknowledged at some point.

You’ve got my vote!

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What I’d really love is to be able to save more than 3 searches!!!

I have 6 saved searches right now?

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I’m only allowed 3! Maybe because I am not a premium member or something? I didn’t think of that possibility.

Oh yes, I think that’s it. I am premium member and I do remember now that it gives me more saved searches.

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Hi @LIQ I have a basic account and, like you, I have a maximum of three saved searches. One of the benefits of the higher level accounts is having an unlimited number of saved searches. @meow if you have a standard membership, you also have unlimited saved searches, as does the premium level (@Kelownagurl ).


I would love a feature where you could search listings by key word. It would be great to search for listings that include the word “piano” or “gluten”, for example. I’m not a gluten-free or a pianist, but if I was, it would be good to be able to find those features easily.

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It would be great to search by date range without entering a specific country or location. For example on the East coast of the US, there could be 10 different states within a six hour drive and offerings from big cities, beach/coast, mountains etc.

HI @victoriamck I’m not sure if this totally addresses your point, but take a look at this search suggestion. It’s based on an area, rather than a date range, but you could also do it with a date range, for the eastern US states, as you’ve mentioned (when you click on the link, the related screen shot will display)

I got confirmed for an amazing sit in Nashville and it’s 6+ hour drive for me with 3 days in between, so I would be happy to break up the trip and sit for someone else somewhere midway.

I’ve had a little trouble navigating the “find a sit” filters by date - on Airbnb, for example, you can put your dates in +/- 2-3 days on either end and get results that match pretty well. The flexible but not totally open ended date searching on here doesn’t seem to work as well, and if I’m trying to get an idea of what other sits are available that start/end the same day as my previous one, it seems really hard to narrow it down that way. Any tips on how to search more effectively appreciated, thank you!

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