Is there anyway to filter search by pets?

Not sure if this has been asked but I’m not seeing any option for filtering by let’s say just cats for sits. The

Yes, that is one of the available filters. This is a screen shot from the website.

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Can this be done on the mobile app because I don’t see that options on there.

Yes in the upper right there is a tiny icon for the filters.

And then you can make your choices.

@sincerelyjan the filter only displays once you start to move the screen a little, at least that’s how it is on my iPhone 11.

If you are using the App its like this- I just checked on my android phone.
1- choose the country or place- I chose France
2- click on the icon with 3 lines- top right- to get the options for dates and animal type. - I chose cats- your preferred option.

3- Apply filters.
Its easy once you know how!