Ability to block a sitter/HO from applying/appearing in searches

Would be helpful to give HO’s and sitters the ability to block specific profiles, to prevent applications from a certain sitter in the future, or to prevent a certain sits from appearing in a search. (the flip side of favorites!). For HO’s this would eliminate repeat applications from those they know will never be a match, and for Sitters this would remove sits they know they will never apply for/or never apply again to. With the five application rule, and the future elimination of label for emails this would be useful. Rather than calling it “blocked” it could be called “not a match” to help those who might get their feelings hurt!


This has been requested over & over……

As a sitter I can click on the heart in the corner to deselect them as a favorite sit. Then when there is a sit for that place, I dont see it or get notifications anymore.

I would really, really like to see this.

I can still see, and even get notified about, listings that I have unfavorited. Available

As a Home Owner, would like to have the ability to block a Sitter so they can not see when we post future dates.