Can you block another user in this app?

I’m beginning to think that one account that continually applies for my sits is a bot. I’ve provided feedback, responded cordially to messages and instead of actually talking to me, they just keep applying for new dates I list and say nothing.

I’m a bit uncomfortable at this point and wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to block or filter out users?

NOTE: no malicious behaviour but feels a bit unsettling.



What does the applicant’s profile show? Does it look like a bonified sitter’s profile?
If you still have suspicions, send all the information to Membership Services. They’ll look into it:

To my knowledge there is no way to block a member. Other people have also said they get repeat applications from sitters they have deemed as unsuitable.

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I think this would be a useful feature to add to be honest.


It looks real…premium. 1 review, some references, completely filled out, LinkedIn, verified…so strange.

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I requested someone be blocked and was advised they would not do that - I am a sitter and had someone local want me to sit. They pestered and kept sending me messages and were very forward, alsmost demanding in their messages. It was quite unnerving especially since they were less then 15 minutes away. I had no interest in the sit, the home or the animals. When I requested a means of blocking them I was advised to just ignore the requests. It continued for days and I was quite disappointed in the response.


Ugh. I’m so sorry you went through that!!! And that response back sounds incredibly sterile. Jeez


Why are you using my profile?
Your the bot. I am reporting you immediately

@ElsieDownie using mine now also!!! :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

How do you report something like this? How can they do this with such sensitive material?

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OMG I have no idea! They must have signed up as HO so they have access to our profile. I have tried keeping my profile private so I’m absolutely aghast this is happening!!!

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I have messaged a member of staff. I want it fixed and a public explanation on how someone can get our personal information. This beyond everything that is reasonable.

Yes, I am absolutely flabbergasted also and hopefully someone from TH can jump on this IMMEDIATELY!

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Does that mean they have got to the payment details as well?

Which person @ziggy? Can you spell phonetically. The OP is a real person and owner in Budapest :+1:t3:

Hi everyone. The OP has erroneously posted the link to their THS page in preview mode, which means that whoever clicks on the link is taken to their (the clicker’s) own THS page. I will fix the link for the OP, so you stop seeing your own pages. Thanks for flagging to let me know.

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So, our information has not been hacked? Can you please verify this?

I’ve corrected the link. Please try it again.

But how do we know our information hasn’t been hacked?

@Karen_E oh thank GOD for that! Scamming and spamming is soooo huge these days, it was quite a shock to see this. My apologies to the OP and I hope you accept it was an error and quite frightening for us. All good that ends well and it is fixed :hot_face:

Rest assured, your data hasn’t been hacked. The link that was in their forum profile was:

https: / / / user / profile / edit / profile-preview

(spaces added to keep the system from rendering it, so you can see what the link actually said.)

It’s very common for new members to post this link, as it’s what they see when they’re setting up their profiles. The actual unique link to their listing or sitter page is not assigned by our system until the page goes live.

As you can see, there’s no userid or location included in this link, meaning it’s generic to the person clicking on it. So it takes you to your own page.

Rest assured, your data was not hacked. I spent over 20 years in cybersecurity before retiring, and I assure you this was not a data hack.