Expectations given to homeowners

Hello, are homeowners given any guidance for for selecting sitters?
As a potential sitter should we receive an acknowledgment that we are being considered?
What it s a reasonable amount of time to leave a sit open?
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Hi @Largebreedlover - Although the new pause after 5 applicants feature is not popular, this is something that the new feature is trying to address.

There is no time limit on keeping a listing open however the listing will be paused if the home host gets 5 applications.

You will be able to see on your application whether or not it has been read, if it has then we have to assume that the home post is giving it consideration.

In the meantime, don’t wait if you see other listings that you are interested in - continue to apply, if the home host misses out on you because they were too slow in their response then it is their loss.


Hi @Largebreedlover. I agree with @Colin in that I usually have a few open applications for any given time frame. I simply accept the first sit offered and politely withdraw any other open applications at that time leaving a note saying that I’ve accepted another sit.


Home Owners have a maximum of 5 applications to review before they respond. Reviewing 5 applications (including profiles and reviews), does not take very long. If you do not receive a response within a few days, you’re not near the top of the home owner’s list and are unlikely to get accepted for the sit. Its probably best to move on and search for other opportunities. You can either withdraw your application (this works best for us because it provides final “closure” quickly), or you can leave your application open until the Home Owner responds (their response will very likely be a rejection). You can pick your route to closure.

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