Expressing expectations to homeowners

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We tend not to apply for immaculate/ show room lookimg sits as we too prefer lived in feel, homely. Id not be at ease through the sit.
Personally i like the energy of a place more than anything.
I just wanted to give our viiew as a sitter.
As for cobwebs, id like to think our house is clean buts its an old cottage with high ceilings, i find them all over the place!


For myself, I don’t ever feel the need to express “my expectations”. I simply have no expectations of them but rather on myself. I use all of the information given, the listing, the photos, the communication between us to make a decision. I place full responsibility on myself to make a decision if a sit is to my liking and will work for me.

This is my perspective, I am a guest, a person coming into someone’s home to provide a service that is only temporary. Looking at the information I have I make my choice. I already know what I am willing to do or not do, what conditions are suitable and tolerable for the length of time I will be there. When I have chosen to apply and accept, the onus is on me, not them, if the outcome was less than desirable. Rarely has that approach failed me.
On the rare occasion that the living conditions were not how I would personally live, I have an “oh well, it’s ok, this is temporary” attitude. I would never knowingly pass judgement or feel it my responsibility to change anything and do a deep clean.
That being said, in my early days, I did and then I realized how that action was making the HO feel. I make effort to mirror the level of housekeeping they maintain.
Also, if the HO mentions something and/or apologies for something they meant to get to and didn’t, I will ask if they are ok with my doing it.
I have power washed, mowed, tended gardens, scrub kitchen floors, clear out spider webs… you get the idea. I do this because it is my choice, especially if it is a long term sit and I have nothing else to do, why not?
And to add, I have never asked for a video tour of anyone’s home. I am not moving in, it’s temporary so I make the best of it.
Essentially, If I apply I have already decided to do it.


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Thanks for everyone’s comments. It is interesting to see all the different perspectives and approaches.

Perhaps my question sounded like this is the norm that we’ve encountered…it is not. I trust this is a one-off but it got me wondering how and if other sitters approach this ahead of time.

To be clear, in no way do we expect any HO to leave an immaculately clean home. Life happens, they are busy preparing for their trip, stress of having a stranger in their home, leaving their pets, etc… We are all human and this is someone’s home… I expect it to be lived in!

I agree 100% with everything Gina said…we leave to leave a place tidier out of appreciation for the opportunity and trust placed in us, certainly NOT to make people feel inadequate.

These are all what I believe are common sense and courtesy and I’d never thought to ask if a HO would do these basic tasks. I trusted that TH would send HO as many “get prepared” notices and checklists as they send sitters.

I would never expect a deep clean or a maid, just a basic level of cleanliness and thought into very simple things that would make a sitter’s stay more comfortable and afford them the opportunity to get familiar with the pets. Basically, how one would like to be treated if roles were reversed.

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