Fear of making an honest 'negative' review

Omg!!! The nerve of some people!!

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@claresitsdogs, what did you answer them? Frankly if I arrive at a sit and see a bottle of wine sitting in an extremely prominent spot, I assume it’s for me hahaha…if there isn’t a note saying so, I’d still ask, but if they said no I’d be a bit surprised! I mean…if I’d left a bottle of wine on the counter, I’d expect the housesitter, who in some ways is my guest, to think it was for them. Although I have always attached a note, but still. If I didn’t want them to drink it, I’d have put it into a cupboard. I’m trying to think of anything I’ve left out on a kitchen counter that I didn’t want a sitter to eat or drink…


Actually checked on a sit today.
The sit had 12 sits but only 4 showed up
There was no feedback from either the sitter or the Ho

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I told them what I remembered seeing (one bottle of pink fizz and a card that the husband moved to the dresser before they left).

Received a further text today that they found them:

“Yes, got them! they were in the downstairs loo where a Charlie said he’d checked - twice!”

No apology… Grrrrrrrr

My last sit was lovely 2 dogs 2 cats
We bent over backwards for HO
But its seems they wanted more than we could offer
An Employee

I’ve now published the honest negative review I left on my initial forum post here (albeit in several posts as posts are limited to 1250 characters!):

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Hi guys,

I’m not sure if this topic has already been discussed. I tried to see if it has, but couldn’t find it myself. Please let me know if there is already a post about the same topic :wink:

We’ve been using THS for the last year and a half and we absolutely love it!
Although we are very happy with most of the sits that we’ve completed. There have been a few times where we wanted to add some honest reviews for the future sitters. However, as a sitter, we didn’t want to “upset” the owners and didn’t want any “negative” reviews from them because of that.

We’ve used other websites such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb and we thought their system for leaving feedback is efficient that you can only see the reviews when both parties leave one (or they can’t leave one after a certain amount of time). That way we can be all more honest and help the community grow in a positive way. We think that in some cases the current feedback system might be preventing some people to give honest reviews due to the worry that they will receive a similar one back in retaliation.

Please let us know what you guys think :slight_smile:

Matt & Hyemin


Hi Ben
I just want to add my tuppence worth and say that I would embrace the blind review process. It really is the fairest way. It would also be useful to be able to leave a private message to HO/Sitters such as Airbnb have which allows you to bring to the attention of either side a few hints or tips that would make it a better experience if it was felt warranted . or even just to say thanks for being wonderful. :wink:


I saw one that was four stars and said “very kind animals” and nothing else and makes me wonder what happened on that sit lol. Felt very passive

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To be fair, most cats would use a yoga mat as a scratching pad. Sometimes you can train them but sometimes you just can’t. I don’t think I would take that sit either after reading that though

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Hi @Ben-Product , on the THS app it doesn’t allow for a sitter to read a HO’s review of a previous sitter. I can only do this on my computer.

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It wasn’t just the cat/yoga mat thing – I agree, I have a hard time getting my cats to leave my mat alone – but also dogs that pull so hard they have to be walked separately and so energetic they need multiple walks per day, while the area isn’t good for dog walks. And the notation that the owners “cleaned it up well” for her combined with the homeowner’s comment that the sitter had cleaned their house for them would give me pause. Add that to the cat that needs to be locked in his crate to keep him from destroying things and for me, reading between the lines, it sounds like a sit I’d be just trying to get through rather than actively enjoying. Enjoying the sit is important to me.

Windtalker, did they leave a bad review for you?

Oh I missed the part about the cat having to be in a crate :joy: dear lord. Yeah, I wouldn’t take this sit either

Yes a really bad one

That has not been my experience on the app. For example, a property I have sat in the past has a current list. When I click on “previous sitters” is only shows one sitter - it does not show that I had sat there, and thus does not show my review.

I try very hard not to leave negative stuff on reviews, even not saying anything which I know is wrong but if nothing is said about the state of the house or garden then people may see it as neither good nor bad just indifferent.
Reading the reviews on a potential hosts advert I pay particular attention to what is said AND what is not said. If a few people make no comments about the house I take it that the house had something wrong with it.
Reviews are very subjective. Something I may find outrageous another person might see as perfectly fine. I like boisterous happy animals who meet and greet others may find them intrusive and even frightening.
The quickest way to find out what you may be letting yourself in for is a quick video chat and ask to see the pets and be shown round the house and gardens. It’s hard for a camera to lie.


Hi @Auscal , the only thing I can think of is that the HO has had your review removed by contacting THS, and this has also removed the fact that you did a sit there.

Does your review appear on the Web version?

Maybe one for Admin to confirm - what happens if a HO or sitter complain about a review and the complaint is upheld? @Angela-CommunityManager

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Hi Peter @Auscal I can’t comment an individual situation without consulting with the Membership Services Team who manage disputes.

I’m sure @Katie-MembershipServices will explain how the process works.

Just to confirm there is a process in place and no action will be taken by Membership Services unless a request for a formal investigation is made by either party.

The review and feedback does show on the website, but not on the App. (The sit was a completely positive one from bot sitter and home-owner so there was never a though about it being removed). And, when I think of it, I’m not sure I have ever seen a listing on the app with more than one “previous sitter”. I would be interested in hearing from “management” about it.