Fear of making an honest 'negative' review

Retired people who only recently discovered this great forum who want to learn from others experience :slight_smile:


I’m retired….

@sbwade I really empathise with you. We too had a horrible sit experience recently -really terrible hosts- and had to involve THS in it. We really wanted to write them some damning feedback to warn others off but we knew they would retaliate with a terrible review of us which would have been totally unjust. In the end we agreed- through THS -not to review each other at all. Better no review than a bad unfair one that ruins your reputation.
The review system needs to change otherwise people are afraid to be honest. If all goes well its easy to write great reviews both ways but that’s not always the case…


Hi Angela,
Thanks for that. Are there members who are involved in a focus group on how to improve the review system since it is such a valid priority for everyone? If so, is it an equal balance of types of members? Knowing this might help all of us.
Does your note about relevant updates being conveyed here include Ben notifying us about the new option for HOs to anonymously “vote” whether or not they’d invite the sitter back? Or is that meant to be secret from sitters?
Also, is that part of this “large and complex piece of work” (which it certainly seems to be) or just something extra for HOs with no intention of providing the same for sitters? If so, can someone from the “number of teams” working on this explain that decision to the members?

Thank you and thanks for being our conduit to the team.

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HI @KellyC the team have applied the necessary strategy to look at this complex piece of work, including member interviews, surveys, external research etc., and of course our valuable forum feedback.

To address your point “Something Extra For The HO” There would be absolutely no point in introducing a review system which favored one side of the platform over the other and as previously posted when the teams involved have any relevant updates they will inform the community.

Thank you.

Thank you Angela. Good to know and I am sure we would all love more detail on how and from whom the feedback was gathered if you or the team care to share.
Can you please provide any further clarification then on the the option for HOs to anonymously “vote” whether or not they’d invite the sitter back? Is there a communication that I missed about this? (I try to stay on top of emails, monthly newsletters etc. but could very well be missing a comms channel.) And is that functionality something that sitters will soon have also?
Thank you

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We can understand member’s interest because the outcome will affect all members and the way they use the product.

Every element of member feedback will be taken into consideration however sharing details of work in progress is simply not practical. We know how important and impactful this functionality is and will deliver the system that is fair and workable for all.

The “new owner feature” being referred to could be the announcement by Ben in his Product update, that there is now a “Behavior Log” on every member’s account, recording behavior such as cancellations etc., which is NOT public but for internal use only …

I have asked the original poster of this “feature” to forward the messaging as how it is currently being described it is not something I’m familiar with. I will update accordingly.

Thank you.

I think that the present system of reviews definitely presents its issues but I have a feeling that this could end up being a ‘be careful what you wish for situation!’ I am definitely interested in this topic and to see what changes they end up making


in this case, have the HOs been removed from THS?


How would we know? This is really important, and I hope that we find out the answer!

In the end we agreed- through THS -not to review each other at all. Better no review than a bad unfair one that ruins your reputation.

(Emphasis mine)

So wait… I almost hope that I am misunderstanding this, but it doesn’t make sense:

TH -the company- not only agreed but encouraged that this whole review exchange be scrapped because negative reviews would happen? If so, then they have acknowledged that the system is broken!

That the exact reason why “bad” reviews should happen, so that more people aren’t subject to the same experience by going in blindly.

If that party hasn’t been removed from the system, that’s exactly what will be happening.

I’m looking forward to the explanation, thanks.


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@MissChef & @Düsenzofe thank you and i will tag @Therese-Moderator who will respond when she is back online … thank you.


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How is this even ok? This makes me thinking of “Well we all know how so and so can be”. You’re not fixing a problem, but saying that it’s ok to do, and it’s not. Again by not leaving a honest review, people are left in the dark as to what problems they too could have faced.

I understand that the review system is across multiple departments, however there are things that are new features that keep being added, that makes me believe this isn’t on the front burner when it should be.

This honestly makes me laugh, as being an online gamer for WAY to long, games where 100k players may play. They’re able to give updates on works in process or current issues. I understand THS doesn’t have the man power like them, but to even see a note occasionally would show to me and I’m sure others, that this is being taken as serious as should be.

No review system is perfect, as even the suggested review system from airb&b. If HO & HS are both upset at the end of the sit, there is still the chance of a false negative. As one may write a bad review believing the other is going to do the same either way. Sadly its just no getting around that. From what I can tell, there are far more good experiences verses the bad. The Blind reviews and a set time limit to leave one, will at least remove the major retaliation reviews (You left me a bad one, so I’m going to do the same).

Even if there wasn’t a major revamp on the review system in sight, even small changes in the right direction would be huge. Maybe add the star rating for HO, that you have the HS. Maybe set a time limit on when reviews can be submitted after a sit. Anything would be better than nothing in my opinion.

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Hi @BlueDiamondRose, nice to see you back again, it’s been a while. When there is anything relevant or significant regarding any functionality development the applicable team will advise members, as in Ben’s latest update …

@MissChef We had to get THS involved because communication completely broke down between us and the hosts who were treating us very badly and unfairly and they stopped responding to us. Its a long story. THS liased with us both but were -in the end -only the messenger. It was not the decision or advice of THS to not review. They said we could always respond to a review. But they also understood the damage a negative revenge review from the hosts would have caused us. Just having that poison on our profile!
And I agree completely with you the current review system does not work. We would dearly have liked to write a truthful and devastating review of the hosts to make sure any future sitters were completely pre warned but we could not risk their revenge review. Its very frustrating. We now have our next 12 sits already booked- which would certainly not have happened if they had spoilt our reputation.


this is infuriating… again, sorry you had to deal with that, but now nobody can benefit from your experience because of your (justified) fear of retaliation.


But that’s the thing, isn’t it @MissChef? Every sitter or homeowner who needs to leave a negative review is risking retaliation. I would probably leave one now (25 five star reviews) but wouldn’t have early on, and I would word it very carefully in anticipation of retaliation.


@ MissChef Good points you have made…During a conversation I had with homeowners (married couple) for a potential pet sit, I asked the HO why the previous pet sitters (married couple) had not left a review for them. The pet sit did not go well as far as taking care of the home and the pets. They revealed that the pet sitters had asked them not to leave a bad review or no review at all. They chose the latter and neither party left a review for each other.

I informed them that giving an honest review will give other potential homeowners a heads up of the couple’s behavior. It could be simply saying, “they did not meet their expectations of pet care and taking care of their home.”

Overall, it sounded like fear of retaliation and that should never be the case with THS’ review/feedback system.


@Catin88 I will DM you …

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