Feedback on changes

I understand but you asked for feedback and mine is that fear of future travel problems is not a reason for cancellation as specified under the T&C’s.

This discussion is useful though because it makes me wonder if I take the commitment too seriously myself. There have been times I wanted to cancel a sit because “what was I thinking” six months prior. Like recently when I had to travel from Southern California to do a sit in Central Florida without my car in the oppressive summer heat or leave Spain where I would have much rather stayed than get to the sit in Tucson where I am now. I’ve gone to great inconvenience and expense because I said I would be there. Maybe I should think less about karma points and and following the rules and think more about what suits me best in the present.


Thanks for understanding my intentions & concerns.
After really thinking this through, we simply booked a flight that will get us to the area more than 24 hours before the sit. That should work for everyone’s peace of mind.


Yes, wasn’t clear enough.
In the end the solution for us was simply to take a much earlier flight so we aren’t worried about getting there in time!

Well, this is the ONLY time we have ever considered backing out in dozens of sits.
AND it was out of a concern for the HO’s pets.
We decided to simply get to the area earlier so if there are issues - we have time to deal with them.

@ASASG great decision and fantastic outcome for everyone. Safe travels :raised_hands::australia:


Ferries? Have you heard of ferries?

And there is the Chunnel.

Pietkuip: I’ve used every form of transportation in Europe including the Eurostar through the Chunnel, trains in dozens of countries, buses, car rentals, ferries and planes.
But getting from north of Stockholm, Sweden to SW England will take 8 hours if we fly, whereas it would take two full days to go by ferries/trains/buses.
If you don’t know about it, can recommend Rome2Rio as a great resource for finding routes between any two places in the world!

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