HO Cancelled sits

@FJLOVER and others have recently posted on sitter cancellations.
Just a note that it goes both ways. I’ve had 4 sits cancelled over March/April.
I’m okay - fortunately not out of pocket for any of them.
And understand mostly -
in one case, the dog died; another, a friend of the HO became homeless and the HO took them in, 2 times changes of travel plans.


Oh no, how disappointing! I guess anyone’s circumstances can change. “Change of travel plans” doesnt sound a good excuse though.

It’s lucky you’re not out of pocket (as a home-owner that would worry me, causing that). I expect you’ll fill the gaps in your schedule quickly though.

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‘Change of travel plans’ certainly isn’t an acceptable excuse for a sitter to cancel, so it shouldn’t be for an HO either.

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Hi @toml - we’ve had three international sits cancelled too earlier this year. One for a totally fair, big emergency operation but two for flaky “we’ve changed our plans” reasons. Definitely happens on both sides. Glad to hear you’re not out of pocket & filled the gaps :raised_hands: #housesittinglife

I can understand the frustration with a HO who says they have a “change in travel plans”, but there can be many reasons for this as well. Maybe they were going to a family gathering that was cancelled (wedding, graduation, etc) or maybe financially they had a problem and could no longer afford their trip (I know I would not want to post that something happened financially causing me to cancel my plans…maybe a loss of employment, divorce etc).

I know it can be upsetting, but we must all realize that things happen out of our control…on both sides. As long as you are not out financially, we should all just understand and look elsewhere for a replacement.