Find the Kitty!

It’s two months for me, still looking!

@Colin : But think how happy you will be when you do find it!

I always wonder if puzzles like this are, well, puzzles. Like if the shapes of certain roofs form a kitty. But it’s not like that. It’s much more just “Where’s Waldo?”

At first I thought it was like one of those popular posters back when we were kids that they’d have at the malls and you’d have to cross your eyes to see the image…remember those? So clearly that didn’t work and then I found kitty :joy:

Ooooo you’re talking about the Magic Eye books/posters @Kelly !!! I used to love those as a kid!

I just googled some and found this one. Haha I forgot how fun they are.


Thanks @Julie_A for this one! I’d forgotten how much I loved doing these.


They were so fun! I just googled even more just now haha. Brought me back to my childhood.


This was under spot the cat, but when you see it I think it’s a pug?

It is indeed a pug … :dog: