Fires devastate historic Lahaina, Maui

This is horrible news. Wildfires have destroyed the historic downtown of Lahaina in West Maui. I did a cat/housesit there last year. It’s an old whaling port with (wooden) buildings dating to the 1800s/1900s. There’s a 150-year-old Banyan tree next to the courthouse, which houses an art gallery and historic artifacts.

The Coast Guard rescued people who jumped into the ocean to escape the flames. :frowning:


That is really sad and scary. Mother nature does what she wants when she wants. I hope people and animals find safety


It’s due to climate change.


The owners of Bexley live in Napili, so hopefully your mother is ok. The owner’s first name is Kaitlyn. Hope that is helpful. I see that they removed your message. THS, I hope you are trying to help this person to find their mother while fires rage in Hawaii.
Here is a link to the listing, but THS will probably take down my message.


Hi @PVGemini
Thank you for the concern for our fellow members. We are very aware of the situation and are doing everything we can to help.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! Knowing she is not in Lahaina makes me feel so much better. I appreciate you.


Sending prayers for all the pets & Pet parents in Maui & Big Island as they deal with devastating fires!!


The owners are Kaitlyn and Ben. Looks like they are away for their wedding and honeymoon while your mother is watching their dog Bexley. Prayers for your mother and everyone affected by the terrible fires.


Terrible news. The latest includes fatalities and missing people.

My husband and I have good memories of visiting Maui, including Lahaina. So sorry to hear about the loss of lives and the destruction.

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It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Here’s information on how to help pets that have been injured or displaced due to the fires.


I donated earlier today to the Red Cross, which has opened emergency shelters for people, including pets. The org is helping people in various states hit by wildfires.


From the Washington Post:

How to help Maui fire victims

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By Lyric Li

Thousands of residents and visitors have been forced to evacuate to escape the devastating wildfires in Maui. Hawaii’s Gov. Josh Green (D) estimated the flames have already caused billions of dollars in damage and could exacerbate the state’s existing housing shortage.

Here are some of the organizations accepting donations to help those affected by the wildfires:

  • The Office of the Governor of Hawaii has directed donors to the Hawaii Community Foundation.
  • Verified fundraisers on GoFundMe are raising money to help residents rebuild and recover.
  • Shoppers can make donations of up to $249 at their nearest Foodland, which is accepting donations at checkout to support the American Red Cross in Hawaii.
  • The Maui Mutual Aid Fund is accepting donations to support Maui families, elderly residents, people with disabilities and those with limited or no insurance.
  • Aloha United Way, a Honolulu-based nonprofit organization, has created the Maui Relief Fund that will go directly toward efforts supporting victims of the fires.
  • The Salvation Army’s Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division is accepting donations to provide meals for thousands displaced in Maui emergency shelters.
  • The Maui Food Bank is providing meals for thousands of displaced residents.
  • The Hawaii Restaurant Association is organizing donations and volunteer efforts on Maui and Oahu. You can sign up to join relief efforts on Maui here, or fill in forms to help evacuees transported to Oahu here.
  • Maui Police Department is calling for donations of nonperishable food, bottled water, hygiene items and blankets. Drop off your donations at Maui’s War Memorial Complex from 8 a.m. through 6 p.m. Thursday.

Thanks for sharing this article @Katie - we’ll be making some donations tonight.

It’s terribly heartbreaking and sad what is happening there and how climate change is affecting the entire planet.

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It’s so sad! Hawaii is an amazing place. We were stationed on Oahu a few years ago as my husband is in the Coast Guard. Maui was on of the places we got to visit while out that way. Praying for those that are missing and for all the families devastated by this.