Moving w/ Dog to Scotland from Maui, at 59!

When I asked my friend Dominique to send in a Reference for my brand new Premium membership profile page, (fun stuff), her first line was:
“Claire is Amazing!!!”

When prompted to create a User Name for this forum, it just felt like a very simple, clear, uplifting, and funny USER name, and
there ya go. I am humble and funny! I swear. :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am here to love. That is all.:
my own sweet heart, humanity, animals, clan, homes, soil, regenerative farms, art, caring, walking, nurturing well being and beauty, and to sing my healing songs.

LISTEN to this healing song; my original song + music + me singing:
“One Drop of Love”

I have 4 new songs to record and share now, so excited. So many new doors are opening, not to mention for the
“Trusted Home-Caring Stays!” I rarely sit when I housesit, so I prefer: “Homecaring.”

I have lived on Maui, in Hawaii for 15 years, caring for and designing a 258-acre regenerative farming community, caring for a jungle, 1-acre of gardens, dog training, and Writing, Editing and Executive Personal Assisting.

I am moving to Scotland for the first time living there, in May 2023.
So happy to share in my father’s birth and resting place, +
our ancestral homelands, all over the UK.

Where we will settle? No one knows. I do know it will be beautiful, have SNOW, and my Assistance Dog will always be by my side,
Lady Tarkina Snowfire.

I joined Trusted Housesitters because I read the Forum for hours, took many notes, and felt really lit up from all the helpful, caring, insightful, intelligent and wise people sharing here.

“Claire is amazing”, is just my way of making myself, and, hopefully you, giggle. My heart is smiling.

I am, we are so very grateful to be here,
Aloha, Love, Claire + Tarkina.


Hello @Claireisamazing ! I think you have joined the right forum after reading your intro.

Funny enough I am currently on Maui in upcountry (Kula) staying with close friends…knowing how tight the community is here I’m sure we know some of the same people! Whereabouts on the island is your farm located?

If you ever get the chance to meet @Amparo you two sound like birds of a father and I think would get along so well!…at least for now we can all connect here on the forum.

I’m so excited for your big move with Lady Tarkina Snowfire…do you have a photo of her ladyship you can share with us?

BTW beautiful song :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It is perfectly wonderful to know you are anazing!
Sing it loud!
Amazing leaves a bit of fairy dust behind where ever it goes for others to enjoy :sparkles:

Scotland is on our travel list for Spring 2024!
Looking forward to your posts!

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Absolutely beautiful in every way. Sounds like you are well in your way to your perfect new life. :clap:
Welcome. We are all drops of love. Let it rain!
Mahalo @Claireisamazing
Please do share your bits of mist, storms and sunshine or tell us where we can follow your story.

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A warm welcome @Claireisamazing
What a beautiful song!
Enjoy being part of our wonderful community and good luck with your move in May.
Please keep us posted.


Hello @Claireisamazing and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I just had a peruse of your profile, it looks fab and I love your photos! … and a beautiful song thank you for sharing. :musical_note::slightly_smiling_face:

I hope everything goes well with your move in May and please do keep us posted and if you can share photos on here, that would be fantastic! :scotland:📷😊


I have maxed out my use of THE HEART Love emoji, but I can still share this: I am crying, tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of The Mystery making room for joyful expectancy, because it is now, as of today, scary to be moving to a new country. I do not know the metric system. Sorry. I only speak English. So sorry. I am scared of not having a place to settle, because I just learned rental cars are a fortune now, double what they were when I was driving across Ireland 3 times in 2017. I have faith I will be carried by magic, and only honesty gets me there. Thanks for your message, Kelly. I am from Kula. (Kula Kai, Makai Place!)

I am free to share the Permaculture Design skills I learned year-round on Maui for 15 years,* with Scotland, + all the Sacred Isles.
Such is Magic’s way.

Aloha, Enjoy, and do go to Maui Bees farm stand, in Kula, my favorite.
*(inc. 4 years of learning Regenerative Farming Design from The Salatin’s of Polyface Farms, Virginia, USA, +
Darren Doherty of Regrarians, Australia)

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Mahalo Therese ~ I am happy to be here, to share, to learn, and grow in this lovely, friendly, impressive community. It is a field of caring, and I do appreciate that + participating in growing the love across this earth.

This is my paternal grandmother, Ada Nancy Brown of Nairn, and Edinburgh, and Zetland, before it was Shetland Isles, and her husband was the doctor for Shetland, in 1915-1921 or so, so exciting to connect with my roots, thanks to having places to stay. I LOVE TH.

Blessings to all Trusted HomeOwners and Sitters, and the Moderators, and Co-creators of this amazing platform,

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Aloha Samo ~ Thank you for caring, and taking the time to see my profile, and photos, and for your well wishes. It is so intense now, getting close to move day!

I love sharing photos, but am only now seeing that as an option on this forum. (Last night, no photo upload-icon appeared to me, maybe cuz I’m so new.)
Now, they trust my photos will be good, so thank you, and here we are in all our glory. I will definitely keep you all posted on my TH experiences.

learning to surf in Malibu


Dear Amparo ~ I am grateful for real people offering warm welcome here. Thank you so much. My story may or may not get onto my blog, as I tend to prefer Nature to technology.


HelloOutThere~ Thank you!
I definitely leave fairy dust…
yikes; and a cashmere sweater, yesterday, in my wake.
Luckily, my dear neighbor saved it for me!

Scotland will be all sorted by 2024, see you there.
Aloha, Love, Claire


@Claireisamazing Great photo thank you for sharing :slightly_smiling_face: … and we absolutely love Malibu! :heart:

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@Claireisamazing what a beautiful song and beautiful voice! You are well on your way to an even more enriching life!

I do so understand that and feel you :100:.
Kelly was right, we have very similar patterns of behaviour :smiley:.
You will figure out whatever you need to when you need to. I am also from the US and have uprooted and replanted several times. No stranger to Scotland, Wales and England. Currently settling in South America and life is so delicious… I’m 67 and that doesn’t matter. I am soul led and it has yet to disappoint.
Enjoy and all the very best.


Thanks so much for sharing you adventurous journey, Amparo! Well done. Life is truly lived in sharing and - for me - traveling, and connecting with new cultures, and loving all people.


Thank you, Debbie ~ I trust. I do. This is BIG. :slight_smile: Thank you for listening to my song.

Onto a forest of love in Scotland :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree:

In strange facts, when I was 11 I was adopted and added Malibu as my middle name. I do love it there, that much! :slight_smile: :grinning:

How incredible! Kula is so beautiful and I am just around the corner from the Maui Bee farm stand so when we’re on island we go all the time…plus the Thai food truck Nui’s is soooo good too!

I can empathize with the emotions you are feeling as I have had to do the same more than once in my life…the most difficult was probably when I moved to Spain and still wasn’t fully fluent in Spanish but it was all so worth it! It is scary but you can do this and you will have a beautiful story on the other end. Mahalo!


Hey, let me know which part you will end up and drop me a line, if we are near you can have a few friend to call on

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@Claireisamazing , Just have to tell you how jealous I am! My dream would be to live in Scotland, if even just a few years. We LOVE it there. Best of luck to you!