Unexpected Wonders

Really debated where to drop this but here it is.
Grab a cuppa cause this is a good tale.

2 years ago I was in Bali for two months before heading to Australia where I had 4 months of sits booked that never happened due to the pandemic. Like most of us, hearts were heavy.

A few days ago, I received a message.

One of those fabulous families invited me back for late 2023. Without going into personal details, they have had a very rough last couple of years and now have made a commitment to go on a pilgrimage in Spain for 9 weeks and they want ME.
We have over 40 inbox messages. Not a single video call and I am not sure if in our conversations what details we have shared.

What I do know is how I feel about these two people based on the quality of our discussions and our views, values about life because that I do remember chatting about. And that is why without knowing anything more, no final dates yet, no official listing yet either, No clue how I will make this happen but I know that I will,
I said YES.
Sometimes your dreams are entangled with the dreams of someone else.
Dreams do come true and sometimes whilst creating yours you help someone create theirs.

And yeah 3 kitties in a cabin in the mountains outside of Sydney is just my idea of another slice of a happy life.

I’ll take it. Pass the tea please.

PS Thank you THS


Sometimes there’s a connection beyond words.happened to us a few times.


Those are the ones I treasure and if the location and pets align for me it is the ultimate experience.
Ta @ElsieDownie


@Amparo @ElsieDownie the real TrustedHousesitters story, it’s happened to me and many others too.

@Amparo thank you for reminding us just what a very special community we are part of. A global community made up of individual and intimate stories of like minded humans brought together by animals because ultimately they are our true centre of connectivity.

Enjoy your tea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Love :heartpulse: this heartwarming story, sometimes we can get caught up on the size of the bed, the quality of the coffee maker, the dust bunnies but for us it’s the connection, definitely the pets, and then a commitment to the dates and geography. Enjoy the mountains and the pets @Amparo, you seem to have life long friends in the making xx


This is so wonderful to read @Amparo. They haven’t forgotten you and you are just the right person to help this couple out. It’s those relationships that we build (minus video calls even!) that are so rewarding. We actually sat for a couple in Kent, UK, this year who I had first contacted in 2018. Four years later we were given such a warm welcome by them; loved the sit; and we all hope we can make it happen again next year!


Thank you @temba and @Verityandjulian.
I have met some truly wonderful and beautiful people.

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We find the beauty of this lifestyle @Amparo, is simply the ‘unknown’ of each adventure. It’s truly how you approach each experience, that enriches your life. We have very simple expectations, and are always pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing your story, and hope to cross paths again, when we are also enjoying an Aussie adventure in 2023.


Love your story. Thanks for sharing !


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: :hugs:
You know it Sis.
Life is really very simple and all those unknown elements are just part of the excitement and wonder.


as everyone else is writing here, sometimes connections happen and this one was meant to be one of those.
But cabin in the country in Australia I would certainly read up on all the is poisonous, stingy, bitey etc, etc and check back with the family as to what medication precautions you can have , can and are allowed to buy etc.
Beautiful country but still see my then 80 year old mum setting off at high speed along a corridor when she saw something very nasty near our bedroom door. It did not survive and it could have been deadly or made us very very ill if it had caught us unawares

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Thank you :blush:


Thank you everyone


Good things happen to good people. Keep spreading good karma.