So grateful

Well our time in America is almost over, we’ve had just over 4 wonderful years. About 3 years ago I made the jump to join THS, it was the best decision. We’ve completed 15 pet sits mainly on the west coast but was very fortunate to get to Florida too. We’ve cared for some amazing cats & dogs as well making friends with some of the HO’s along the way. The memories we’ve made will last forever. The voids I’ve managed to fill with furry fixes have really filled the gap from losing my beautiful boy shortly after arriving out here. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities we’ve had or even been offered but unable to take. I’ve just confirmed my 1st official THS sit for the UK which we’re so excited about, so the journey continues!


Hi @JayneH!

I guess we should say sorry for your time being over in the US, but congratulations on all the wonderful sits you have experienced while here! Isn’t it just so amazing that TrustedHousesitters affords us the opportunity to visit the world, meet so many great people (not to mention all those precious furbabies) and bank up all those great memories while doing so. I definitely echo your sentiments about how taking care of all those cuties does help bridge the gap after losing our own precious girl this past Fall. I have loved my opportunity to snuggle up with some big old furballs that seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

Well, now I will say congratulations on getting your first sit in the UK. I can’t wait to be able to do the same!

Good luck and make sure you post some great pics of your new journeys and adventures.

Debbie - Forum Moderator

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Hi Debbie, no need to apologise, we’re leaving with no regrets & are excited for our next chapter.
I’m sorry to hear about you losing your sweet girl, thank goodness others are happy to share their pets with the likes of us hey.
You take care too :blush:

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Jayne thank you so much for sharing and your reason for leaving the States is now very clear, how wonderful that you were able to explore your “temporary” home country living like a local with adorable pet company … a life on the ocean blue, or at least the land attached the memories and relationships you have built will remain forever, and we are so sorry for the loss of beloved boy, pet sitting truly is a way to help heal a broken heart, fill the the emptiness and the feeling of loss, I know because that is what happened to me and many other sitter members.

We would love to share your story with our community as I’m sure it will inspire others … if this something you would be comfortable doing, please Direct Message me and we can explore the possibility.

One question what surprised you most about pet and housesitting and California, apologies that was two questions … but yours is a story with seemingly so many great questions.

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Forum Team


Thanks for sharing your experience Jayne, I love being THS member and it has saved me this past year. Good luck with your move back to the UK.

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Thank you MsLaura, those pets & home owners don’t know their worth at times do they! Keep doing what you’re doing. Take care😊