Hi from Claresitsdogs!

I can’t believe I’ve only got onto registering for this forum today! Been a TH housesitter for over 3 years now with 48+ sits in the bag, and all 5 star reviews!! (hence just getting around to this! LOL).

Look out for the TH blog about me that I think might be published tomorrow.

As a seasoned TH’er now - feel free to ask me anything! Happy to help out anyone new to this.

Clare x

IG: @claresitsdogs if anyone wants to follow me!


Hi Clare, welcome to our community forum and you are not late to the “party” in fact you are one of the first, the forum has only been live for a few months and not all of our global community are aware yet … we are looking at a formal launch in April, by which time you and everyone here will be seasoned forumers (if there is such a word)

Loved the photos you sent of the gifts your current owners sent you as a Thank You … wasn’t too keen on your gift from the cats though!

Welcome again, thank you for joining. Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members we cannot wait to share in your TrustedHousesitters journey on the Forum as we do with your wonderful posts on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/claresitsdogs/?hl=en

Angela & The Team

Clare’s lovely surprise from her owners

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 09.18.08

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Morning Clare, welcome to the forum. I have been following your adventures on IG for about a year now, great pictures. I’m IG plmac101, not been posting much recently, haven’t had a sit since August.


Hello :wave: :wave: :wave: Claire sits dogs


I was lucky enough to get accepted for two sits just today! It really does pay to set up alerts - as the early bird really does catch the worm!!


Congratulations Clare … hearing about sitters and owners connecting once again is so refreshing and exciting, I’m waiting for my first sit to come along, first in 12+ months, I’ll be like a newbie again.

Talking of wonderful experiences and living the dream … here is your TrustedHousesitters story :point_down:


Ahhhh Jack! I should be with him now :(((((

His hoomans need someone in June for 9 days, and sadly I was already booked when they told me (I was furious!!) So I’m helping them find someone, as I won’t have just anyone take care of him!! LOL

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I read your story. It’s 3.30 am : i’m insomniac you made me laugh with your first experience in Switzerland.
As THS gives the link to your profile; I’ll keep you in mind when we need a sitter. Do you speak french ?


Un peu! LOL though I’m probably banned from France for never paying that speeding ticket LOL!

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