Hello from Greer/Greenville SC. newbie here

I just joined TH a week or so ago and am figuring out the ropes. I have a sweet small dog that is more happy staying at home than traveling. I retired from nursing right before Covid hit so am ready as everyone is to travel where one can. I have been vaccinated quite a while now. I live in a tiny house community and have my first sitter coming at the end of Sept. for 2 weeks while I travel to Lake Superior Apostle Islands. I am very excited to see how this goes. Any helpful tips for 1st timers?


How wonderful @tinyliving, welcome!
You just taught me something. I had never heard of these islands! I hope you share a bit of your holiday.
Open communication with your sitter is always ideal as what you expect from them as far as home and pet care and what you would like to do to make them feel at ease and welcome.
I always enjoy my “discovery” conversations.
Don’t hesitate to express your expectations and ask them if they have any specifics that you can offer or provide.
Have fun!

Hello @tinyliving welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining and wonderful that you have your first sitter arriving very soon and you are taking a trip, I’m sure a long wished for one, please let us know all about it.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with our members from around the world.

Welcome again,

Angela & The Team

Welcome @tinyliving !

If we weren’t full time house sitters and loving the nomadic life we’d probably be in a tiny home as well. :grinning:

Open, transparent communication as @Amparo said is, in our opinion, the key to a good house sit. It’s the only way both sides can understand expectations, get to know each other and establish trust.

We hope all goes well and that you and your lil dog make a new friend!

Happy travels!


Thanks for info! I’m sure that is way to go

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Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum… very interested in the tiny house movement… it’s our plan to have a tiny home on our newly acquired bit of land in France! We are still house sitting but feel having a base is wise for us at moment. After being nomadic for a long time a tiny home is all we really want or need! Anyway… just thought I’d share a post from another home owner who was looking for first time tips, that you might find helpful. Enjoy your travels!!

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