First 4-star review

How about this:

Dear blank
Thank you for such positive comments for my efforts.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for anything that did not meet your 5* standard.

As demonstrated in my previous reviws, 5* pet and house sitting is absolutely my intention.

Perhaps you feel that my not agreeing to allow internal cameras to be active during my stay warranted a star deduction?

Or perhaps the undisclosed greenhouse we needed to tend too was not to your standard since upon our arrival things for you seemed very hectic and hurried, so you neglected to share responsibilities for the greenhouse, or your home in general? So perhpas that was a star deduction?

I had hoped that my thorough cleaning upon my arrival and departure would have provided you with a nice environment upon your arrival home. With so much to clean perhaps I did not reorganize correctly and that was a star deduction?

Anyway, your pets were lovely and I gained experience from this sit that will help me choose my future sits more wisely.

All the best to you and yours.

(Or not because if a host gives low stars…I read all the reviews they gave sitters to see what the scoop is and of course I read the sitter reviews from other hosts.)


Fully improved @Newpetlover #likeit :raised_hands:t3:

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I am also curious about how you rated them? I hope you deducted stars for cleanliness, communication, hospitality, and accuracy of listing.


@systaran OK that’s different. If the HO has not given a clear reason for the overall 4* then maybe- before you respond publicly- you could ask them about it first. It could be a mistake- seems to be quite common. If its a mistake THS will fix it but if you don’t like the HOs response then reply on the review for future hosts to see.

In our case (mentioned above) -with the HO who dropped a star on self sufficiency & left of my hubbys name - we messaged her on WhatsApp expressing our disappointment about the name ommission- especially as we’d had a personal handover & paid a pre sit visit & she’d clearly met him! and also the dropped star. She refused to change anything, just said 4* is still good in most peoples books, and no comment on omitting my hubbys name-yet she re-expressed thanks to us BOTH in the WhatsApp! Wierd- we think she somehow took a dislike to him but didn’t show it. Some people are just very fake.


I agreenwith Lokestar that you should try to contact the Pet Patents and ask why they gave you a 4 star review. Did you feel you had a good raport with them during your application process? Maybe the 4 star was an error, a long fingernail hitting the wrong key!

@Newpetlover I love the way you reworded that response. It’s perfect.


Some folks just don’t believe anyone is perfect. Have you looked at their reviews for other sitters? Have they given 5* before? I had this problem when I had an AirBnB. I asked guests how I could have improved and they said, “nothing. We had a fantastic stay. We just don’t give 5* reviews.” :woman_facepalming: The problem is that people reading the reviews don’t know this :frowning:


Please don’t let a 4 star review turn you off from sitting. Not everyone has the same interpretation of the ratings. In my opinion, 4 is still a good rating and doesn’t require more of your time or energy. Hope you gave an honest review of the HO for the sake of other sitters. I wouldn’t be turned off with a 4 star rating. Seeing all 5 stars throughout the site is not realistic, in mho.


It’s my understanding that TH doesn’t allow there to be indoor cameras. Am I incorrect?

Indoor camerss are not allowed. They must be turned off for the sit

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