Worried that a 4-star Review will set me up for failure!

I recently did a three week housesit for a family with one elderly cat. These folks are not currently on TH as far as I know. I cleaned the house, and did every task she requested (watering all the plants,etc) and yes, took loving care of their cat who sat in my lap every night. I even did a “departing video” so they could see where everything was and the condition of everything before their son came to stay for the next three weeks. She gave me just a four star review! It was very positive, but only four stars.
When I inquired about it, she said “oh, I wasn’t paying attention. I just do that all the time”, and sent an example of a Yelp review she recently did that was very positive, but only four stars. I asked her if I failed her in some way? She said no and offered to change her review to 5 stars, but it was too late for her to change it on TH. Is my reputation destroyed by this person now?


Hello @Islandgirl - sorry, confused by your message. You say they’re not on THS at the beginning and then they are at the end of your post? As far as I know your HO can request to alter a review of a sitter with HQ so change it from 4 to 5 stars for you. One of the moderators will confirm @Angela_L @Carla_C


Just trying to understand-Was this a reference from someone you sat for before joining THS ?

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Hi @Islandgirl!
Maybe it’s me but I don’t see this 4-star-review you mention on your profile.
I have heard about people who never provide a 5-star-review, which I find odd but I guess they have their arguments. If I have to be honest, I would have your same concerns. I understand that as long as the feedback is positive, HO may not pay attention to the number of stars. However, if they don’t take the time to read the reviews, they will only see the 4 stars and I think that might be detrimental if they contrast your application to other sitters who have 5 stars. If the HOs are no longer on THS, I understand they can’t change it so I would just focus on doing your best to keep having amazing reviews and trust the right HO will look at your profile in detail, check the reviews and see that you are a great sitter.

Hi @Islandgirl I think the “review” you are referring to is a character reference because I can see the reference regarding a house sit you completed where you mentioned you took care of a cat for 3 weeks which seems to tie up with this reference. It is showing as 5 stars so I’m assuming the lady contacted THS and corrected this for you. Your profile shows 3 x 5 star character references which will certainly help you on your way to securing your first sit.
Happy house sitting :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Islandgirl … thanks @Cuttlefish and others who have helped.

As @Samox24 says perhaps your concerns are relative to an external reference as there are no THS reviews on your profile, only three great references all of which have a 5 star rating …

If you have concerns other than what is on your profile feel free to Direct Message me and I will investigate further.


@Islandgirl Same here, I see no reviews for you only your references.

Hi, that is very strange! Last I checked the homeowner was not on TH and posted a four-star review.

I checked this morning and it is now a five star review. Not sure how that happened but I’m very grateful!

I was initially informed that the rating could not be changed…. Some thing about the HO being quote “from the outside. “

Well, looks like it’s fixed! Thank you so much for whatever changed there! Sincerely, Catrina

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Hi everyone! I am new to the site and sorry if I use the wrong terminology. Bottom line, thank you all so much for your support! It does appear that the HO changed her rating to five stars for which I am hugely grateful!