First House Sit - Keep on Writing

Good morning from Brisbane Australia,

Getting your first house sit can be daunting so I am here to say keep on trying with the applications. I was getting discouraged after writing about 10 applications. I was successful with a house sit in the town I grew up in America. I am so excited as my husband and I are going to America for two months next week. We wanted to get house sitting a try to see if we like it and explore different areas in America.

Sometimes things just fall into place. I have always been a positive person and life can be full of surprises. I think it is just about selling yourself and go from there.

With my applications I changed them slightly depending on the house sit and it is almost like a job application. My best advice is to show your personality and maybe get someone to read your application for you before you send it.

Good luck with your applications.


Congratulations @Henderson22 … “If at first you don’t succeed” thank you for sharing your success and encouraging others to keep applying and tweak if necessary.

That first success feeling stays with you … after 12+ years of petsitting our way around the world (and close to home) I still get excited when I get a “Chosen One” message. We can’t wait to share in your big US adventure … where is your first sit and where in the US will you be traveling to? If you are in San Diego, CA in July you can meet the team at events we have scheduled.

Good luck, safe travels we will look out for your posts and do share plenty of pics, especially pet pics.

Angela and the Forum Team


Hi Angela,

Thank you for your email. I was thrilled when I got the message about being chosen. Just really brightens up your day and these times it is wonderful to receive good news. I am still smiling.

The house sit is in Boston. Hoping maybe to get a house sit in Canada. We are going to be in LA for 4th of July and was hoping for a house sit there. The cost of accommodation has doubled since being in the states four years ago. The Aussie dollar is so low unfortunately. I was trying to save money at the start of my trip and enjoy house sitting at the same time.

Love to meet you in San Diego but I will be in Boston in July seeing my family.

Keep up the good work and all the best to you.



Sounds like a great trip! Where in Canada are you hoping to sit? There are so many housesits to choose from in Canada! It’s a massively beautiful country that we consider to be one of the finest in the Amercas. Yes, I am biased. Enjoy your trip! :blush:

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I would like maybe a house sit in Nova Scotia or Quebec, as I have friends in New Brunswick. They are veteran house sitters who sold every thing and traveled the world for three years. This happened just before Covid.

Canada is truly an awesome country and I have been there six times in my travels. People think I am Canadian when I visit the states as I still have a little of my Bostonian accent and picked up some Aussie. I keep people guessing.

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An amazing trip ahead of you, I love Boston too it’s such a walkable city and I know I’m biased but anywhere in Canada is the answer to “Where?” … well almost anywhere but I do have a love for the West especially Vancouver and taking a road trip from Vancouver to Calgary or Edmonton in Alta., is stunning, the wide open road with hardly any traffic and with every corner (or bend) there is a WOW moment …

Safe and happy travels.

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Good morning Angela,

Canada reminds me a little of Australia with its vast open space and scenery. The Outback is definitely worth seeing here in the winter time and I have been lucky to visit and camp next to “the Rock”. Don’t think you can do that anymore.

We have to be careful of snakes in the Outback and I heard a noise waking up with a mouse in my tent eating my Mars bar. That was exciting.

We are hoping to explore a little more of Canada and maybe do a rode trip. I am sure the time will go in a flash.

Boston is similar to Brisbane as it is located on a river. I love the history of Boston and how flat it is. Brisbane is quite hilly in parts of the city.

I am thinking of doing a house sit in Boston for a few days.

If you ever decide to come out to Australia please look me up and I can show you the sights of Brisbane. I am an excellent tourist guide.


Thank you I look forward to that especially as we love Brisbane, we were lucky enough to do a three month housesit there.

I always think of New Zealand as being a “Mini Canada” … We lived in India - Singapore - Vietnam - KL and our go to place for conferences, training & R&R especially out of India was Aus … mostly Perth, which we loved but to the East as well and yes it is vast and diverse just like Canada but with wildlife that is rather lethal and most of which you can’t see … after all you can see a Grizzly :wink:


Perth is a beautiful city to explore. Yes we have a few dangerous creatures here in Brisbane and I am not talking about the locals. Brisbane people are really friendly.

You have to be careful of snakes when gardening and the red back spider can make you sick.

I saw a grizzly bear once in Alaska trying to get into the trash and a moose in Alaska. I kept my distance. You do have to respect the wildlife.

Oh how lucky to get a house sit here. I guess when you think of it you can travel all around the world depending on the country you love.

Have a good week Angela.

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