First my AirFryer now my cookware

Just curious here-but has anyone come across the beast that is a Thermomix in a HO kitchen? I only just learnt about these recently when we went to dinner and the hosts demonstrated theirs’ with pride. I’d be terrified to even touch it….

We have seen one of these not on a THS sit but on a house sit for friends. They had been bought it as an anniversary present and had no idea how to use it themselves :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. They said “you are good with gadgets and cooking - maybe you can work it out and let us know … I was terrified of it and didn’t touch it !!!

I would be very nervous if I turned up to a sit and find that was the only method of cooking available !


My mother-in-law uses her Thermomix regularly, and she has shown me how to attempt some recipes. It’s very step by step. Actually she said: “hey, can you please make the hollandaise sauce in the Thermomix. Just follow the steps on the screen.” And had to give me a pointer from time to time. Easy peasy as the recipe was already saved in there.

But personally, I prefer simples….


Quite a few Swiss homes have them. They’re really good & quick for soups & sauces but it’s just as easy to do it the old fashioned way IMHO :rofl: #oldskool


Thank you :heart_hands:@inthemoment I purchased new skillets today. Nothing matches now but oh well at least they aren’t burnt to a crisp lol

I can’t wait to host one you stellar sitters that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with here in the forum. My previous and upcoming sitters said they’ve never used the forum.

I think all of us can learn a lot from this forum. I know I sure have!


We are sitters and home owners. On both sides, we are detail people, and you can tell by the detail in our application letters. We read welcome guides thoroughly and ask lots of questions. That’s our personality.
Whether we are looking at a sit or a sitter, we look for a match in how much detail they need/like to work with, and that is the best fit for us. People have different personalities, so look at that aspect also the next time you’re looking for a sitter. Fit is all important for us, and sadly, the five-application rule make speed the most important thing now.


Thank you for sharing @Breezylake I am totally the same however I barely have one application for my sits.

I often reach out to sitters that have favorited my listing. I’m very new and I’ve only had 3 sits and 2 reviews. My last sitter left THS and didn’t give me a review :cry:

I’m hoping that once I have more reviews, I will have better luck getting applications. Also, I’ve had a few sitters confirm then have things come up and withdraw their application.

Also, I’m in Phoenix, AZ and people don’t want to come here in the summer. This heat is not for the weak :melting_face:

I have a total of 7 sits for the remainder of the year, of which two have no applications (getting nervous as one of the dates is approaching soon)

Two with applications. One meet/greet set up, the other I’m waiting to hear back from the sitter to set up a meet/greet.

The remaining three have confirmed sitters.

I get so stressed out! I almost had all of my sits covered then the cancellations started. I feel like I was back to square one.

With travel for work, a nephew playing college football, and my first grandbaby coming in August, I’ve got a ton of traveling in my future. Wish me luck :crossed_fingers: :upside_down_face:

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@Silversitters I didn’t know what it was so I googled it :blush:

It’s looks pretty cool and very high end! Way to fancy for me :joy:

@BonnyinBrighton I have not but whenever I’m not sure about most anything, YouTube and/or Google have never let me down :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow @IHeartAnimals you come prepared! I honestly know that things can happen. Small appliances can die at any time.

My issue was that I asked her EVERY day “How’s everything going? Do you have any questions or need anything? However, she waited until after she left my house to text that she wished she knew “how to make the air fryer heat up” and “how to use my mop machine”

I’ve taken this as a learning experience and an opportunity to be a better host.

I have added to my Welcome Guide that I’d like a quick, daily check in at which time I will check to see if they have questions or need anything.

I’ve also linked YouTube videos to QR codes for all of my small appliances and will provide a printed copy for quick reference along with my printed Welcome Guide.

In regard to my pup, she’s had lots of sitters and has never behaved that way when I returned home. Nevertheless, she was fine the next day so all was well :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad you are restocked…variety is the spice of life;)

You make a good point about the forum. It takes time, but it’s worth building good relationships.


PS our names are Judy & Steph on the THS site;)

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Your sit looks lovely but I think Phoenix is a hard sell in the summer.


@mam1996t Thank you so much! I was kind of afraid to share my listing here on the forum but everyone is so kind and helpful. I decided to go for it :slightly_smiling_face

You are soooo right about Phoenix during summer time! This heat is not for everyone :hot_face:

I don’t work in the summer and I stay home a lot lol

We wish we could do it. We are in Tucson now and already booked for July. We hope to be on the west coast soon.

Good Luck!

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@inthemoment Great to meet you Judy and Steph! I hope the weather has been mild in Tucson :crossed_fingers:

Ditto…it’s getting super hot.

On a super positive note, we cracked our own plastic vegetable drawer and came home from holidays to find our wonderful sitter had glued it back together! :grinning: It is still holding 3 years later and whenever I notice the crack I think appreciatively of that sitter.


@ElEd how sweet is that! Thanks for sharing.
We once replaced the defective wheels of a host’s dishwasher drawer and I know for a fact that it made her really happy, and I’m sure it still does if/when she remembers how horrible a non-functioning drawer was.