First sit- expectations?

Hi all… just got my first sit offer and had a couple of questions:

  1. Should i ask for and/or expect clean sheets/towels/linen etc? or should I bring some of that?
  2. If the “parent” doesn’t have any sitter feedback on their profile is that a red flag?
    Thanks peeps!:pray:

Yes, you should expect clean linens, towels, etc. If you are traveling by car and it’s not far from home, you might consider taking your own, if that will save you time on the last day. In other words, using your own sheets will save you having to wash and remake the bed etc. Note that some hosts do not require that you do this. Best to ask.
Have there been other sitters, or is this a new listing?
You can see via the app, not the website, whether there have been sitters and who did or did not leave a review. Where you see a string of sitters who did not review, that may be a red flag. Also click on the sitters’ profiles to see if the host reviewed them and what they said. Have you had a call with the host? Video preferably so you can “meet” the pet and see the home?

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Hi @makobusta,
Congrats on your first sit.
To answer your questions.

  1. Yes I’d normally expect the HO to provide bedding and towels.
  2. No not necessarily so. The HO may be new or just been unfortunate with sitters that haven’t left a review.

FYI - Just ask the HO next time what you need to bring. As it does vary over and above the basics you mention what you need to bring/buy. I’ve had HO’s buy toiletries for me to use.

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Hi @makobusta , congratulations on securing your first sit! -

It is fine to mention your need for towels and bedding but to be honest, I think all home hosts will leave them without being asked.

It is worth checking on the THS App - the website does not show if previous sitters have not left feedback.

If, on the App, a home host has no feedback and no blank spaces then this means that they have not had any sitters before and so is not a red flag - we all have to start somewhere

If, on the App, a home host has a record of previous sitters but none have left feedback then this is a red flag. One, I would not worry about it as this can often be for a genuine reason, if more than once, I would be suspicious and be asking questions as to why? :triangular_flag_on_post:

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