First time using doing a sit - house has roaches

Hi! I have done a lot of pet sitting before, and lived in many areas of the US and grew up in a rural part of the east coast: I’m down in Dallas tx for a teacher training for the next 2 months. I’m staying at a house right now with a very sweet little Pomeranian, and I’ll be here for the next four weeks. So far it’s been mostly fine. But I have found one dead roach, pieces of another one, and now a live one. They are big American cockroaches and I am not sure what to do. If this is something normal like it would be to have some black flies buzzing around I don’t want to bother the homeowner unnecessarily, as they are out of the country, but I am soooo uncomfortable! I’m not even someone who is particularly afraid of bugs but I HATE ROACHES and I feel like I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight cause I’ll be worrying about them. I’m kind of looking for advice but also just needed to vent! The house is very clean and I am also a very clean person, I don’t leave crumbs out, vacuum every other day, do the dishes and wipe the counter s and table every night, rinse out all of my recycling and am generally neat and tidy! Eeek!

As someone who has lived in developing countries and Australia (where apparently everything is out to kill you) I find the concern over roaches surprising. That said if you are uncomfortable maybe buy some roach baits and the problem should be sorted in a few days. Even clean houses can have roaches.


I also hate roaches! If you’re feeling that uncomfortable maybe inform the HO about it. They might have had prior issues or treatments for roaches and can provide more context. Do continue your good cleaning habits including sealing everything up including pet food. Roaches are attracted to moisture so be sure to keep sinks, bathtubs, and other wet areas dry. Try to keep your mind occupied with other things before bed too, read a book, watch TV etc. Hope that helps :smiling_face:


I hate roaches too and would feel uncomfortable finding them on a house sit. I am generally ok with bugs and even spiders (which I try not to disturb); anything I don’t want in the house I try to catch and release it outside. Sadly for roaches I don’t offer them the same consideration. :slight_smile:
Maybe buy some roach traps; I would let the owner know though, I think.
Good luck!


I don’t live in Australia and I hate roaches, as I have said. I am not surprised by my reaction to them and I do not see my reaction as an issue in this situation, as it is an extremely common one. I contacted the homeowner and resolved the issue myself. Goodbye.

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As someone who moved to FL not too long ago, we have learned that many homes might have the occasional roach. If you’re seeing dead ones, it might be the result of a past extermination that is having good results.

Down here 2 inch palmetto bugs (aka huge flying roaches) will sometimes fly in if you leave a door open too long or just pop up unannounced… even in the most spotless of homes. If the issue is bugs getting in from the outside, keeping all window screens closed, doors closed, drains clean and covered with mesh or metal drain catchers.

If the issue is bugs within the house, a few things can be done:
Get traps
Buy food grade diatomaceous earth and put in cracks (between stove and kitchen cabinets for example)
Keep all surfaces and sinks clean
Get boric acid tablets and out them where pets cannot get them.

Talk to the HO and let them know your concern.

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Ugh, it’s bringing back bad childhood memories thinking about roaches. I would tell the HO about it and get as many of those roach bait hotels as possible.

I live in Dallas and, unfortunately, roaches are not uncommon. I don’t get them inside often, but occasionally they might come in via the attached garage. No sitter has ever mentioned it to me, so either (a) they didn’t see any or (b) it didn’t bothr them.

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Another Texas resident here and unfortunately roaches are omnipresent part of our flora and fauna. We keep Harris roach Tablets in areas roaches might frequent (i.e. behind the fridge, in cabinets under sinks) and will occasionally find one that’s succumbed to the tablets’ effect.

Also from Texas. Yes I know the roaches you are talking about. Hate them. On occasion they get inside especially after all the rain we’ve had and now they are trying to escape the heat. You can look and see if the homeowners have any pest control
exterior spray you could use on the outside of the house.

Roaches aren’t neccessarily a sign of a dirty house or even attracted only by dirty houses. You may just be in an area that has them. Contact the owner and let them know you have encountered some and ask if they have anything for dealing with them so you can stop them getting out of hand. They probably spray regularly for them and it may be time to do that again. We had them where I grew up and you would just spray some Doom or Raid around every so often to keep them under control. These sound like the same ones that we had and they would fly in through the open windows on a hot summer evening.

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Let the homeowner know what’s happening. I don’t know about Texas, but here in NYC, the big ones, which we refer to as “waterbugs” mostly come up after the rain, and don’t generally invade homes! Thank goodness. We might see one or two inside that might have entered through a drain or come up from a basement, but our more likely to see them outside.

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