First Time using Trusted Housesitters

First time using Trusted Housesitters and sitter canceled with only a 24 hr notice is this common. Not sure this service will work if that is the case

Oh dear, so sorry that this has happened to you and I can understand that you might feel a bit reluctant, but I can honestly tell you that is is not common at all!

Most sitters & owners make a commitment, sometimes even several months ahead, and stick with it. Cancellations should only happen in extreme circumstances.

I hope you’ll manage to find the perfect replacement!

Hi @Winston, you need to contact @Therese-MembershipService who should be able to help you.


Hi @Winston welcome to our community forum, I’m only sorry to hear the reason you have posted is a sitter cancellation as @Els says this is not common.
You have the cancellation insurance and I will tag @Therese-MembershipService to pick this up when she is back online.

Meanwhile there are steps we can take to help and support if you feel that finding a replacement at this point is workable …

  • I can post your listing to our Social Media channels.
  • You can post in the Last Minute Category here on the forum, no links but location and dates, an image also - About Last Minute Sits
  • Reach out to sitters who applied originally and to local sitters via the “Find A Sitter” Function
  • Boost your listing - which I think you have done

If you get back to me regarding Social Media I can post immediately …

Once again I am so sorry to hear what has happened and we will do all that we can to support.

Angela and the Team

@Winston I am so sorry to hear this. I have emailed you through membership services to help you. Kind regards Therese

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