Fitting in with owner's Itinerary + Airport drop off and pick up

Anyone have hosts expect you to do airport runs to drop off and pick up? I was excited about the sit and said it wasn’t something I normally do. And didn’t realize for me it would be an hour round trip at inconvenient times. And they weren’t sure of their flight times when we booked the sit. I feel a little used and may tell them before the sit they need to make arrangements for a ride Uber or whatever. I feel like they’re cheap and the ride they hoped would take care of it is now not available. Didn’t know taxi service came with the sit. Your thoughts welcome.

I have to say I’ve been hoodwinked one too many times with “we don’t know our flight itinerary yet.” Last sit they left at 4am (I was there already) and arrived back at 1am the day I am leaving. I am hoping more consideration by hosts would be in order. Am I wrong?

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Hi @WheresBabZ and welcome to the forum! I don’t know about airport drop offs and pick ups, but did you agree to do it before the sit was confirmed, or did it come up afterwards?

About departure and arrival times. That’s something, that home owners might not have much choice with.

In our case, our flight will leave early in the morning, meaning that we’ll leave home around 4am. I don’t see it as a major inconvenience for the sitters, that’s just a part of travelling. They arrive the day before, so I don’t think we’re being unconsiderate. And in this case, we don’t even have a choice, it is what it is :woman_shrugging:


Is it in their car @WheresBabZ and will you have use of the car while they are away or is it for them in your vehicle? First is a win win. Second is a cheek unless agreed before sit. Happily say no, sorry no can do.


@WheresBabZ Is it the hosts car? And will you have use of it during their absence? We had that experience once and it was a win-win. The hosts picked us up from the airport and we dropped them off there the next day. We had use of their car for 3 weeks and did the reverse at the other end. They saved on taxi fees and we saved 3 weeks of car rental. Everybody was happy!

However if they expect you to drive them in your own car, and it does not feel easy or convenient for you, you should say no. And if you do drive them in your car they should offer fuel costs and cover any airport parking fees. After all they would be paying a taxi otherwise.

Tbh unless its the first scenario i would decline- you are an (unpaid) house & pet sitter and not a free taxi service as well. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.


One home owner asked if we could come pick them up when they’re coming home. This was done in a very respectful way and they explained why they couldn’t take a taxi. We were free to say no but we agreed as it didn’t really cause any issues for us.

If we’d feel like this was taken for granted or that we were being used rather than treated with respect we wouldn’t want to do it and would try to find a way to respectfully say no. We’d match what we offer with what the home owner is offering, if they are getting out of their way to make sure we have a good sit, we’d do the same for them within our limits (such as, we still have to have time and energy to do the reamining house sitting tasks).

No use of their car. I have my own car and she asked me to do airport run because whoever normally does it isn’t available.

Nope my car. An hour each way

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No it’s my car and my time

Well I guess in this case I didn’t sleep an entire night because the dogs barked at any sound anywhere. Jumping off the bed and making a racket until they were done. This morning at 1am was no different when they arrived home. Probably one of my most challenging sits in 5 years.


Totally above and beyond the scope of your responsibility! Sorry to hear that.


Thanks much.

I agree with you and @Cuttlefish , that really doesn’t sound fair or considerate!

F.ex. when we’ll be leving at 4 am, we’d have all the luggage ready to go, next to the front door, the previous evening. In the morning we just quietly get ourselves ready and leave. No need to wake up the rest of the house!

@WheresBabZ OK-so its your car & your time. Was this discussed before confirming the sit? If not they’ve put you on the spot which is unfair. And have they offered to cover your fuel costs? If not then they taking advantage of you. I would find a way to tactfully decline that extra service.


Thanks to everyone who offered their feedback and support to @WheresBabZ 24 hours has passed without further comment from the author. What has come from this discussion once again is how important communication is in clarifying needs and expectations, on both sides of any sit arrangement to make sure the whole sit experience is the best that it can be for everyone. We will close this. conversation now and please use the Direct Message option for any further discussion.