For owners-please provide all info regarding horses etc in your ad


Just applied for a sit mid year which has doggies/cats & some horses. The ad doesn’t state how much experience sitters need around horses & all the duties required. Am I the only person who reads exactly what the owners needs & then applies?

I shouldn’t have to bother people requesting this info, doubling the number of messages back n forth. Sitters can’t send owners messages without applying & tis a tad annoying.

So, should you be preparing an ad, please provide all the essential info in a short & sweet fashion so sitters don’t have to bother you.


Good idea. Once, all I needed to do with the two horses was to feed them in their stalls and give them carrots. An employee was charged to do the cleaning and moving them around wich I would not be confortable to have done.


Well @RunnerC sitters can guess they need some expérience to look after horses (or any other animal).

I assume it is quite logic sitters ask themselves If they think they can cope …

I would not personnally apply for horses or alpagas, unable to understand they are suddenly not well. Pet sitting is a huge responsability.

Are owners obliged to ask for expérience in cats and dogs ? “Cela va de soi”.


I’ve seen a few ads on TH & aussiehousesitters where owners stated no experience was necessary. Others specify equine experience was a must have. I won’t apply for a sit if the owners state specific animal handling experience required and no exceptions. I respect this request, no worries.

The owners have since updated the info :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: