Free & fun dog training

I’ve posted about Susan Garrett before. She’s a fun, professional dog trainer. Worth a try if you’re struggling with your dog(s):


Thanks for sharing. I signed up and will watch a few videos. Im looking for reactive training, any resource suggestions on free training to calm your dog who barks all the time and at everything?


I have no idea but maybe search Susan’s website or check out the programme ‘Dogs behaving very badly’ presented by animal trainer, Graeme Hall, aka ‘The dog father’. He has a YouTube channel also called ‘Dogs behaving very badly’.
It seems treats are always involved when changing behaviours!

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There are many tips online for obedience training for dogs

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Having a trained dog is so rewarding and gives a great sense of pride

@Hallt64 i totally agree! It also helps reinforce the bonds of trust and co-operation between you. And dogs need to use their brains!

I’ve loved training our rescue dog. I figured out how to train him based on his intelligence level and personality. I’d adapt or adjust if I had another kind of dog or had a dog that wasn’t a damaged rescue.

We’ve hired trainers before, too. The first one turned out to be inept — was someone who didn’t seem to realize that not all dogs are the same. Given what I observed, I didn’t trust her. We ended up finding another trainer, who knew her stuff.