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Hi! I was wondering if there’s a free trial for at least a month to give sitters and pet owners the chance to explore and learn this system before committing to it? I’m interested to try this but I don’t have the budget as of yet. My husband and I are preparing for a trip for 3 weeks. Thanks

Not sure if there’s a free trial but I think you can sign up and if you get no applicants at all within 14 days then THS will refund you @GraceyPersy It’s effectively £100 for a years basic membership (& your 3 week pet care covered in there) so that’s already a super cheap way of having your pets taken care of whilst you travel.

If you decide to pay and sign up and love it, then THS gives you 2 months extra free for anyone you recommend to the site who signs up, so while it costs to begin with, we have personally had ALOT of 2 months extra free, because we love it so much, we’d definitely recommend it.

Hi @GraceyPersy and welcome!

There is quite an investment in the process of becoming/being a member,i e. creating a listing, adding photos and virtually meeting thsitters when placing live sit dates.

There are terms and conditions as well as a member code of conduct. Both of these can be found on the thsitters web site. Good read prior.

This is great community of people coming together for an equally beneficial exchange.

Good luck if you decide to join. I recommend it as both a thsitter and home host. I :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you all for your responses. They’re all very helpful and I appreciate the discount offer. So, I will be needing a sitter for 3 weeks in July. Should I wait to sign up in June?

Depends where you live, what kind of pets you have etc. @GraceyPersy => how desirable your sit is.

I like to post my listing 4-6 months in advance, as the sitter will most likely be travelling internationally to get here.

But even if we were looking for a local sitter, I think I’d post about 3 months in advance. That would be less stressful for me!

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I am a sitter and get booked up months in advance.,My July sitting was agreed in January


@GraceyPersy I agree with

Also, I think it takes a bit of time to set up a good listing with photos and narrative.
Not weeks but could take a few days.

The longer your listing is up even without active dates, thsitters are always looking at and saving listing, so the exposure is good.

No matter how far inadvance you post your dates, as a new home host, I would suggested trying to secure a seasoned sitters, i.e., 5 or more THS reviews in addition to character references.

And have a candid chat about a commitment from both you as a host and the sitter that once confirmed, neither will cancel.

I just matched with sitters that were able to give me examples of how they honored their sitter committed when something came up for them and I as host assured them that if anything happened on my end, I was committed to a solution with them.

And it is always good to have a back up plan.

Keep us posted!


@GraceyPersy something to consider is where your sitters will be travelling from . If your sitters are coming from abroad they will need to book flights as early as possible to get cheaper flights .

A month seems rather last minute to me . We are sitters and are already booked up each month through to November.

So if you want a sitter with lots of previous reviews on THS I recommend you join and list as soon as possible .

If you are happy to have a sitter who also has just joined and has no reviews then leaving it to the last minute might work but you would need to have a back up plan incase no one applies .

Joining and listing early you will see how attractive your sit is to sitters by how many apply .


We’re full time sitters & are booked pretty much solidly until the end of the year already (minus a few travel jaunts). Earlier the better especially as a new HO with no reviews. June will come around fast. Best of luck @GraceyPersy