Fulltime sitters travelling the world - some legal questions

@Myhnabird As a translator I have customers all over the world and only very few ever ask for my tax number. As a German national with pre-settlement status, my “leave to stay” expires in 3 years and if I stay out of the UK for six or more months at any time prior to that, it expires immediately and I won’t be able to even apply for full settlement. With that, my obligation to pay taxes in the UK for any income earned after that, would logically expire too. It would be unlogical if this was not the case. Of course I would also lose my right to NHS services, but if I can keep £1,000 per month more in my pocket and put them aside for medical emergencies I guess the NHS may be not such a big loss.

My above comment was the reply to this quote. If I am resident to no country and haven’t lived in the country which issued my passport for the last 22 years - which country should demand from me to pay income tax?

With their permission you might be. There will be others more qualified to answer that question. We signed up to US Mailbox which acts as a postal address.

Yes you are quite correct. But I didn’t know about the extension. That piece of information may be very useful for us. Thank you.

@Romana I don’t know whether you meant this as a rhetorical question, but keep in mind your header wording for this post. You are asking some legal questions which require legal and professional answers. Other than the one answer from a declared professional so far (unless I missed someone, in which case I apologize), you are getting opinions from members only, or their personal experiences only.

Hi @Snowbird, that’s perfectly clear to me - but perhaps some of the forum members have already gone through these processes. Quite a few are full-time house-sitters and lead a nomadic lifestyle and may have no permanent residence anymore. I guess even if I asked lawyers they would have to do a lot of research to find answers - and may be unsuccessful. Often laws are only written AFTER a situation has become a widespread problem - and income-earning nomads definitely live in a very shady state of lawlessness, for no fault of their own.

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Are you eligible for a govt pension from Germany or the UK and if so, would you still be able to get it if you leave permanently?

Good question. I have no idea! I actually lived and paid taxes in 4 very different countries…

I guess that would be my first concern, but then I suppose it depends on financial status and whether you would need to rely on that pension in the future.

I don’t think you mean to work for at least two centuries longer….:joy:

Actually, I was answering @ElsieDownie , as you can see from the symbol at the top right of my reply!

@Smiley, I indeed do! I love my online translation work and don’t intend to ever give it up. But that’s just me.

You meant decades I think….

There is no guarantee that an extension will be approved, but you can apply if you entered with a visa. No extension available for visa waiver/ESTA entries.

Ha Ha @Smiley - indeed, now I see it :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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More and more countries are implementing Digital Nomad Visas that make it easier to say in places long term. Some of those have tax breaks so that if you don’t make over a certain amount, you will not pay income tax in two places (the country of your earnings and the country you are living in). There are many great resources out there if you google Digital Nomad. For visa stuff, also cross check info with the official government website. Good luck!