International Travel - Longer Sits

Greetings from Boston. I am new to THS and one thing I am interested in longer sits internationally. Is this common? Uncommon? What is the best way to identify opportunities in specific areas? Thanks much

Welcome @ljhuber Sits are available everywhere for a shorter or longer time! You just need to choose your area and dates and see what comes up! So far we’ve done sits all over the world- from 1 night to 6 weeks and everything invetween! It depends what you are looking for at any particular time.

What @Lokstar said is great. Also, when you apply make sure you have done your homework to make sure you can actually stay for the whole duration in the first place on the countries government page, and mention it in your application, it makes you stand out more.

Hi @ljhuber.
Welcome. There are some very long sits of 4 months I’ve seen but some people this length of stay may require legal paperwork or risks. So double check first.

Yes as @richten1 says- always check visa/length of stay requirements for any country you wish to housesit in.
For example I just saw a very attractive sit in Provence, France -for 5 months. As a UK passport holder, and you as a USA citizen, -we would neither of us be eligible (UK & USA are both considered 3rd countries- so 90 day stay limit in EU) I could actually do that sit on my Dutch passport (as an EU citizen/dual passport holder) but I’m not interested- its too long for me!
Very important- when you arrive at immigration DO NOT say you are housesitting as you may not gain entry. Many countries consider Housesitting as work even if unpaid. Say you are on holiday/visiting friends/family etc. Book a hotel/airbnb on arrival and give that as your address or the hosts- but say they are friends!
Happy international sitting!!


As far as I can tell, the countries with the most sits outside the U.S. are the U.K. and Australia. Lots of sits in those countries.
Spain is up there too.

There are few sits in Mexico, Central America and South America.
Few sits in Asia.
Few sits in Italy and France.
Just search on the site to get an idea of what’s available.

Also, keep in mind that other house sitting sites might specialize in an area you want to go to. For instance, there’s a whole site that specializes in Australian house sits.