How possible is it to have continuity in the sitting?

Hello, how are you doing? Once again, greetings from Argentina! This time, I’d like you to assist me with a question:

I was wondering if it is possible to take a trip (to the United States or Europe) for about 6 months while taking full advantage of THS hosting? My plan would be to stay as many days as possible in a housesitting situation, because staying in hotels would complicate things.

Because I work from a computer, I can work from anywhere and experience incredible cities, stories, and adorable pets. But I’m not sure how easy it is for a sitter to find a sitter without previous references.
While I have done this with family and friends many times locally, they are not references that I can place within the platform, and the app is not used locally.

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful week!

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Hi @pipo. Not sure if you are aware but large parts of Europe are part of the Schengen area which allows you up to 90 days per 180 days in these countries without a valid visa. There are countries in Europe not covered by Schengen which have their own rules.
Equally I believe you can only do 90 day stays in the US without a valid visa.
You’d be best checking the countries for a better understanding of entry rules etc.

Hello @richten1 ! how are you? Many thanks for your response!
With my tourist visa, I can stay in the United States for up to six months and the Schengen Area for up to ninety days; after that, I can travel to a nation outside the Schengen Area, such as Andorra.


Hi @pipo - all house sitters were new at the start so yes, it is definitely possible to start with no previous reviews.
References from friends and family can be added to your profile and are a great way to help home hosts feel confident letting you sit for them.
Once you have managed to do your first housesit via the site, you will receive your first review, and it gets easier from there!
There are many full-time sitters that go from sit to sit so your plan is very doable.
Good Luck!


As a homeoner (HO) who knows more than most about US immigration laws (I’m an immigration lawyer), I would be wary of offering a sit to a foreign national who was not already in the US.

While your B-1/B-2 visa may allow you to be admitted for 6 months, there is no guarantee that this would happen. Immigration officers at the airport/border have discretion on how long they will admit you for, and they could decide to admit you for just a month, or even less. You could apply for an extension after you enter the US (extensions are available for B visa holders, but not for visa waiver/ESTA travelers).


This is the encouraging answer I needed! I thank you from the bottom of my heart @Colin !

You are definitely right, I will add my local references to the site, so people can get to know me better (although I am developing a website for that :shushing_face: :shushing_face:), and once I have my first review, the hardest part will be completed!

Thank you very much!!!


Hello, thank you for your reply! I hope you are doing well. Yes, I understand that part. I had the possibility to work in the USA for two seasons as a J1, and make a tourist trip a year later (b2 visa), I never had problems to enter, but I understand that it can be a concern for the HO. That’s why the plan is to enter the USA, vacation for two weeks , during which time I will be looking for available sittings, and be able to be in the USA when someone decides to invite me to their house!

Have a great weekend!

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