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I agree. Mail is fine, you don’t really have much (bank and a lot of other stuff can all be online) and I use a family member’s address for any mail or parcels but doctors are a pain. In the UK GPs are supposed to take someone on their books if they are ‘homeless’ but I don’t identify as homeless (I have a van as well as house sitting) and trying to explain to a GP practice that I’m not homeless but I don’t have a permanent ‘home’ is a bit tricky. Frankly though I can’t afford to rent on my income and I would rather travel. I try to do pet sits abroad in the winter. I must say lining up house sits has become more fraught with the 5 person limit!!!

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That is good advice and very true. My biggest storage unit expenses are for my art collection (paintings and sculptures). It has cost a lot over the years but I still think it is worth it.
My small storage locker in London costs about £30 per month. So far, it is the best solution for me as I store my summer stuff there during winter and vice versa. Plus I have some books and other belongings there too. I don’t think I can be a full-time nomadic sitter and travel with 4 seasons worth of clothes all year round. Is that possible?

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You must definitely look after your art collection and books, but don’t you have a kind friend who could enjoy your art and books to save the expense of storage?
As for carrying 4 seasons of clothes, I tend to have one or two seasons with me while housesitting in the UK, leaving the others with kind friends and pop there as I can to swap, treating them to meals etc for the big favour they’re doing me!

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Dear full-time nomads, what address do you put on forms when you need to renew your passport or driving licence, or if you take up or renew an insurance policy, or when you submit your income tax self-assessment? Is it legal to put down the address of a family member or friend on such official documents?

I have given up my rental flat several months ago but still have that old address on everything official, and have a mail redirection to my daughter. But once that runs out I will need a new solution. And sadly, some official letters - such as those for road traffic fines (I drive a motor home) - have “Do not redirect” written on them…and they can sum up to big amounts with add-on non-payment fines and even go to court if the new tenants at my “official” address just throw them in the bin. That’s my biggest worry. Any advice?

I’ve been living nomadically for about a year, mostly on the eastern side of the U.S. and Canada. The majority of my year has been caring for cats on THS and through existing relationships I’ve had cat sitting. Greetings from Halifax where I am with a wonderful cat!

To a couple of the questions I saw in this thread, I’ll share my personal thoughts:

In terms of residency, if you’re a U.S. citizen, South Dakota has more upsides than down and one of the most attractive states to be domiciled. Even though I’m originally from Minnesota, and spent a decade living in Honolulu and Washington, D.C., when I finally decided to go fully nomadic, SD has a number of things set up for full-time travellers that wouldn’t be as easy if I declared D.C. or MN my home. SD has no state income tax (I do not mind paying taxes, but prefer to not pay taxes to a state I’m not living in!), and working with absentee voting and vehicle registration remotely is easy. My driver license and my legal address with everything is South Dakota. Some more info here.

For mail, I use Anytime Mailbox. When researching online mailboxes, I found an address in South Dakota that appeared multiple times across a couple different providers. I Googled the address and found the storefront, which was part of the PostalAnnex chain. I called, the owner answered, and he walked me through the pros and cons of the three different online mailboxes he works with at his shop, and Anytime Mailbox was the best match for me. I just get a notification when something arrives, and I can choose to have it opened and scanned, recycled, or in some cases bundled and forwarded to another address.

Healthcare is a drawback with South Dakota unless you are covered by an employer. I know a lot of nomads are independent contractors, self-employed, or not working and saving on expenses, so this is kind of a hitch: South Dakota only has two main health plan providers and many of the services are geared to use them in South Dakota and may be expensive for use across the rest of U.S. and especially outside of the U.S. If someone can inform me of a plan otherwise, I’d love to see it! There was a brief period last year where I was on a non-ACA plan geared towards RVers and it was sketchy (but cheap).

My main dentist and doctor are in Washington, D.C., so I’m still working through the pros and cons of making sure I swing through there periodically or finding an alternative.

I have a few bins of things stored at my sister’s place but otherwise all my belongings are in a few suitcases that fit nicely in my car.

Looking forward to more house sitting through 2023, and getting to know more people doing this! I’m already booked through early April!


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It’s a wonderful life @s4xton
Just keep going. My “base” is Florida for same reasons you describe.
It just works and the more you do the more you learn and things just keep getting better and better.
Travel well