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I’ve just joined this forum, as recommended by one of my regular sitters, as I’m a little concerned that the uptake we’ve received (pre pandemic) was really very good, and mostly instantaneous; is anyone else finding this?
We’ve listed a required short sit for late March to early April 9(flexible dates), for this year, but unusually have had no response; our longer sits have all been taken up
It would be interesting to know whether this is being experienced by others this year
Our regards
Barbara and Mike


Hello @BinHants and welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you haven’t had the same response as in the pre-Covid era, and we’ve definitely seen, as you’ll likely read in the forum, that sitters are not booking so far out as they used to. Mainly to ensure that there aren’t any disruptions from unexpected travel restrictions that could disrupt things for either party. It is quite possible you’ll see more responses over the coming weeks. We know how important it is for you to get your sitters booked, and so you can also add a link to your listing here in your forum profile which may help.

I’ve had a look at your listing and Jimmy and Alfie look adorable and it’s clear from your reviews that this is a fabulous opportunity. My only suggestion would be to shorten your title and remove mention of the Nov dates (for an April sit) which could confuse sitters. Instead you might add this info at the top of your listing details (without dates) and simply say “flexible dates” in your revised heading.

Here’s the link to add your listing here in your forum profile, and fingers crossed for you that this weekend you’ll see some applications :slight_smile:

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Do let us know how things progress. All the best, Vanessa


Yes I have found the same thing, although the sit I posted was for a few months away so wasn’t too worried…… I also posted the sit on another website and now have a sitter booked through there.

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I’m traveling through southern Portugal and France now, and have been looking for shorter sits as I hop toward Nice. I guess it’s harder to find that sweet spot with travel so disrupted.


What other website did you use please? I’m having no luck securing a sitter for April and August dates? thank you.

where are you located @Julie1? there are many platforms and some are area specific

Hi @Julie1 I’ve found a sitter through Housesitters UK

Thank you Foldor13

Hi Liz in the West Midlands.

Snap @Julie1 we’re in the West Midlands too……well Shropshire actually :grin:

Some UK specific platforms are:,,,

Some international ones are:,,,

I am not familiar with but the others are well known.
In every case, including with THS, exercise due diligence and you should be set to go! Hope this helps

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sorry, it’s :slight_smile:

Oh wow - what a coincidence. I’ve just updated / revised my profile page following advice from Vanessa and Snowbird - it does look better. Thank you for the tip of the other ‘site’ too…

Great support on here though I have to say being a newbee…


Thank you so much…really appreciate the help.

Thank you so much everyone, for your advice and support, I’ll certainly try everything suggested to hopefully get a sitter
Because it’s the 14th today, Happy Valentines to all, we hope your day will be blessed with love

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And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you too… we could all do with a little extra outpouring of love in our lives I think after the past couple of years! :purple_heart:

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Happy Valentine’s Day @BinHants talking of Love I thought you might like this … cats and any animals of course


that long? (wink)