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@pietkuip I think you might be slightly confused regarding this pop-up and how the application system works. I do not want members to think that owners are discouraged or do not have the option to send a personal message when they decline an application.

As a sitter when you are invited to a sit and click decline it asks if you want to decline with a message or just decline. I always select ‘decline with a message’. This should be the same process as the owner in that they get the option to decline with a message or just decline.

The exception to this is when an owner confirms a sitter then all of the other applicants get an auto-decline message from the system, but the owner can still message the individual applications as well if they choose to.

The message you shared above is when you try and connect with an owner you have previously messaged and they do not have any current dates, so this is a different pop-up to the one either side of the network gets when it is about declining an active application.

I hope that helps clarify things for you, if you check out this thread from Ben one of the Product Managers, they will be working on the application and inbox in the future so you can pop any ideas there Messaging & Applications - #7 by Megg