Decline message from HO showed in notification but now can't find it anywhere

Hi brains trust, I submitted out first application 2 days ago and got declined (as expected). I had a notification pop up notifying me that our application had been declined with an accompanying message from the HO that read something like “Sorry the dates didn’t work”. When I clicked on the notification to open it, I couldn’t find the message. It’s not in the “Conversation” with the HO (just the auto-decline message) and not in my inbox. I’m sure I wasn’t just imagining it! So my questions are:

  1. I’ve read lots of threads about “disappearing messages” - is this another example or is it unusual that I saw it in my notifications but nowhere else?

  2. I wasn’t sure if the HO’s message meant they had to change their dates. Their listing shows “Currently not in need of a sitter”. If they did have to change dates, would their listing normally be deleted?

Thanks for any insights. Just trying to figure things out!

That sounds more like a message from the THS system. Are you sure that the HO wrote to you? Quite often they don’t.

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“ Currently not in need of a sitter” means that they have already found one, and the listing does not disappear.

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Thank you for posting about this @DeeMcC

I don’t have an answer but I have had something similar on several occasions.
An message that I have been invited to a sit with dates and a personal message from hosts - when I click on them no trace of the message or dates in inbox - I haven’t found an answer and it’s not something that you can screenshot because the message disappears . I also thought I had imagined it but it has happened to me on several occasions.

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I had the exact same confusion when i received my first decline. I think the words were exact same as what you have received so I believe its standard system wording, possibly when HO cancels the dates in question (rather than confirming another THS sitter).


Thanks @pietkuip, I hadn’t thought of that. I assumed it was from the HO - all part of my confusion because it disappeared.

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Thanks @Silversitters - good to know it’s not just me imagining it! And that’s exactly what I thought too - you can’t screenshot it because it disappears. Quite confounding isn’t it! I didn’t have your issue though in receiving invitations. We’ve had some personal invites from sits I had “favourited” and the messaging all worked fine. Thanks for sharing your experience :smiling_face:

That’s interesting @TashTravels - thanks for that. It probably makes the most sense!

In the new inbox when I sent a message after declining an invitation, in the App, my message isn’t showing to me, so I don’t know if it is to the HO
Can anyone cast at light on this too?
Made me feel really rude

Maybe check the website inbox. When I check there, I can see when I’ve sent a host a msg to decline and it shows the official decline as well. I rarely use the app.

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It’s in the new website inbox I can’t see messages I sent.
I changed to the old inbox and can see them there, but no can’t get back to the new inbox to confirm my messages are ‘missing’

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Yes, I checked the website too and same thing, so this time no discrepancy between the app and web page

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