Sent email sorry you've been declined

I just wondered how other housesitters feel if they have received an email from trustedhousesitters stating sorry you have been declined when you haven’t.
I contacted a HO to clarify their location but as it wasn’t then suitable for me I politely messaged back to say I would not be able to do the sit. Yet again if I make any enquiries to a HO, I always get an email from TrustedHousitters stating I have been declined when I haven’t. I understand it is an automated email but I just find this really annoying. Perhaps if TrustedHousitters don’t send this email out at all, I do not see the benefit? Thanks. Lynda

It’s just the default message when the HO closes your application/chooses someone else. Something the HO is doing is triggering it. I think if you withdraw your application you won’t get it?