Declined for cancelled sit?

When I book a sit, I cancel any outstanding applications that cover the same time period. Anyone know why I still get declined for applications I’ve withdrawn? I don’rt really want to receive the condescending auto-msgs about not being successful and more sits etc. when I’m already booked during that period.


@YourFunAuntie - Good question, There is an extra feeling of indignation being turned down for a sit when you have already told them you have withdrawn your application!


Hello @YourFunAuntie and welcome to the forum, thank you for your question and I’m going to tag @Katie-MembershipServices who will pick this up when she is back on line.

Obviously this is an automated message and is meant as a motivational message to say perhaps this wasn’t the right sit at this time but there are and will be other opportunities, I also acknowledge your point about already having an alternative sit so the messaging is not applicable.

It’s good feedback though and thank you for posting.

I hope you’ll enjoy being here, connecting with other members and sharing other aspects of your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Thank you,

Angela and the Team

@YourFunAuntie This happens constantly, even receiving two of the messages for the one sit! When I’ve been invited to a sit but decline it, I still get that pesky auto message and I never applied in the first place!


I’m so glad you asked that question. I usually cancel my application for a sit if the homeowner hasn’t read my message within a certain time frame, so it’s extra annoying to get that automated message.

It’s kind of like being in a dating situation, breaking up with someone, and them wanting to break up with you after the fact.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why has the world become so sensitive? It is obviously an automated message and can be easily ignored. Yes, THS could probably tweak their automated system to ignore people who have withdrawn but that costs money. Maybe that’s what they are going to do with the increased revenue from the new membership scheme?.? (Can you tell I’m not a supporter?) If a round robin from the owner appears, they haven’t made the effort to take your name off the group or maybe they can’t?
Like other posters, once I am accepted for a sit I reply to the other sits in that timeframe with a polite message saying I can’t do their sit anymore but would be interested in any sits in the future. I usually get a very positive reply and I have had future sits from some of these owners.


I agree that it is annoying and I, too, have received 2 messages for the same application, the second one was received over a month after the first one. How can that happen?
The IT department in THS has never been a strong point, as evidenced by the many negative comments on the review site Trust Pilot. This is why I groan when “new and exciting” changes are launched when there are always problems with ongoing systems.


Hi @YourFunAuntie.

Thank you for asking these questions, I am sorry that these automated emails are causing an inconvenience for you.

We currently don’t have the inbox set up to recognise whether you as a sitter declined an invite or the owner declined your applications. Therefore we only have one automated messages currently.

We appreciate your feedback regarding this.


Thanks for the feedback, friends.

Interestingly, one homeowner reached out of their own accord to decline with a personal message noting even they thought the auto-message was “a bit cold”.

I like the idea of letting the overlapped applications know with a polite note and saying one would be interested in the future.

Happy sitting!