Invitation to Sit Query

We get a lot of invitations to Sit which we have to decline as we are already booked. When their sit is filled we still get a message saying our application has been declined. This also happens if we apply for a sit, which remains unread, we subsequently cancel our application if we get booked elsewhere but still get a message saying our application has been declined. Can you explain why this happens and whether it can be changed. I completely understand if I applied, my application was read and the home owners choose another sitter, but not for the previous situations.

Good morning Lynn & Chris - great to see you here on the forum! Hope you find lots of interesting conversations and other members to connect with!

I don’t know for sure but I suspect that this happens because the owners have invited you to a sit which is perhaps viewed similarly to applying for a sit, thereby generating that standard message of rejection. I had exactly the same yesterday, but it is just a standard message (albeit frustrating) that doesn’t reflect on us negatively as sitters in any way on the system, which is good to know.

There have been a few topics raised around the sit rejection message and when, where and how many times it is sometimes received, so this has been passed onto the product team as one to look into for future update consideration. I will merge this query into “feedback” to ensure this also gets seen.

Have a lovely day, Vanessa

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Hi Vanessa
Hope you and Ian are well and enjoying your DIY :grin:. Thanks for passing the message on, I understand that it doesn’t reflect negatively on my profile It is just an annoyance really but thought it could be something to be adjusted in the future.
Thanks Lynn