Multiple Notifications for declined sit

We were invited to a sit (they didn’t leave a message, so we just ignored it). The homeowner has now declined the invitation and on the app we received 20+ notifications to tell us this. This has happened a few times now, and whilst isn’t the biggest issue in the world, it is still fairly annoying to get all these notifications!

I think I saw it somewhere else on the forum but searched and couldn’t find it.

I have just had 25 email rejections for a sit I didn’t apply for, but was invited to. I have also raised via the platform

Haha I’ve just realised it was the same sit! I also don’t respond if they don’t send a message

Hi @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies Apologies for the repeat declines, thank you for flagging and we have taken this up with the tech team, it is a known bug which they are working on to fix.


As a homeowner, I saw that this had happened as well. We agreed upon a certain couple to sit for us. Once an agreement was reached, I started the process of personally replying to all other applicants. So I would write a note, and then hit decline. I found that every time I hit decline, it went to all applicants. So if you received 20 declines, it’s probably because the HO was trying to individually reply to each applicant. A glitch in the system, to be sure!


I just received six “sorry you weren’t successful this time “ emails for a sit I was invited to but didn’t accept.

Hi @mars we’re really sorry this is happening to members, the team are aware and are working to fix this … will keep everyone updated.

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Angela, I have been invited to a sit which we declined. Out of curiosity I asked why he had chosen us. His reply was he was looking for trusted sitters and had queried (his word) 80 sitters with no sucess. Do you think you could assist him? Sit 19July - 17 August HO name Fabio, Battersea, ‘one frenchie’ I note HO has a premium membership whatever that is Many thanks


Thank you for bringing to out attention @CandAsitters I believe @Vanessa-Admin is helping with this, so kind of you to follow up.


We received 13 notifications for one declined sit we did not apply for yesterday, and 2 for another. I know TH are working on this minor issue. Just adding my request to find the solution. Many thanks.

I have flagged this up elsewhere, but as a HO I have been having trouble with inviting sitters, and last week was not given the option of adding a message to my invitations. I am having to do all of mine again as it seems they did not arrive - and if they did then it seems like Sitters dismiss them out of hand anyway because of no message.

Hi everyone (and hopefully THS Admin :blush:),

We’ve been with THS for a good few years now and I have always praised its virtues with its friendly, professional family of staff always there to help out.

I’m therefore a tad disappointed that the live “chat” facility is no longer available and I haven’t received a reply to two messages I’ve submitted to the team.

The problem I have is that I have recently been receiving repeats, in one case 23 times, of the email “sorry you have not been successful” for sits to which we have been invited but have declined.

Out of interest, has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi @FiandDog
Oh yes many of us have posted our experiences on different threads under different subjects

It is a glitch the Admin team know about

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Hi @FiandDog and sorry you haven’t had a reply to your messages and we will pass your comments over to MS directly. As @Itchyfeet and @Colin mention, this is a problem for some that is known and currently under investigation. I will merge this topic with the current ongoing one so you can keep track of updates. All the best, Vanessa

Not done a sit for a year now. Just got 12 emails and 9 messages on my phone telling me my application had been declined.

and counting. Now 30 emails and 27 phone messages…


I have just received 23 application declined notifications and 34 emails advising I wasn’t successful for a sit I didn’t apply for!

After a five minute respite they have started again.

36 emails and over 50 phone notifictions, think it’s stopped now, fingers crossed.
And 38 messages in my THS inbox.