A new way to say you’ve been declined?

We applied for a set today. I just received an email from TSH that I have never seen before.
‘“ Janet” is no longer looking for a sitter. The dates have been removed for this sit in Timbuktu, United States, that you applied for or were invited to, so it is no longer available. Just wondering, does that mean this is a new way to say you have been declined or did they really remove the dates and no longer need a sitter. Just checking, because THS changes are sometimes made without any forewarning. We have not applied for or been declined to a sit for a while. So just checking to see.If anyone knows.


Just means they removed the dates.

It probably means they have withdrawn the dates.

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That happened to me and I too wondered. I searched sits in that location and it was taken down.

Its not a decline message. It is sent out to applicants when a host cancels a trip. We’ve had them a few times over the years- sometime the hosts also send a private message explaining they’ve changed/cancelled plans and withdrawn dates.


Hi @Sittersue as @Lokstar mentioned, it’s definitely not a decline message but an email notification that is sent out when a host cancels their listed dates (their trip).