Good with the bad

I am a long time sitter, I sit full-time for many years now. In my years of sitting, I have had the good the bad and the ugly, but mostly the good. Sometimes I am truly happy for the sits I am on, sometimes I’m not as overjoyed with the places I am. BUT! I am always so happy to have the opportunity to enjoy an area that I could not always afford to spend time in regardless of the state of the home as I would myself expect to my personal standards. I have high standards.

I read something recently from Rick Steve’s, a very prominent travel writer, who I’m sure most people are aware of. He states that lets stop expecting five star stays. He suggests to just live the moment and experience the moment for what it is. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or normal, just enjoy it for what it is, and a different experience. What one person sees as normal another may not. We must accept that people are different throughout the world

If we are sitters and wish to enjoy new destinations, new experiences, let’s stop worrying about who washes the sheets, who empties the trash etc etc etc - why can’t everyone just be thoughtful, considerate, and do what one would like to be done in their own home. This to me is the crux of house-sitting. Treat a homeowners home as you would your own home. If you don’t like it on arrival, try to deal with it and realise it is only temporary. This is only a stepping stone. It won’t kill you or harm you.


Well said @ziggy. Personally I rather like a home that has a lived in feel and understand how difficult it must be for owners who are working full time, with a family etc to leave their home immaculate. I’ve never really had a very dirty home, some that don’t meet my standards, however, as you say, it’s only temporary and I can live with it! The majority of the owners have been delightful


Thank you. Some words of reason in the current dark angry thought cloud that the forum is becoming


Wow @ziggy. Well said. Exactly!
I am who I am.
The HO is who he is.
And that’s the beauty of it.
Learn from eachother.
Help eachother.

Besides the beautiful pets and environments you otherwise never would go to…

It is so valuable to meet other people, with other motivations, thoughts, opinions, culture, the way of living of other people, etc.
And some things I would never do their way. But other things I am integrating in my life.
It is an enrichment.

And let the minor things be.
Is it really the end of the world for the HS that the HO forgot to throw away that orange that isn’t good anymore? Or when stressing to leave on time forget to empty the bin?

Is it really such a lot of work for the HOto put the bedsheets of the HS in the wasmachine and afterwards hang them out? Or that the HS forgot to empty the dishwasher?

How much time does it take HO and HS to do this for eachother?

How much does it reduce the stress for both if they don’t have to worry on their leavingday about these little things?

And how much joy you will get and give to HO or HS by doing this for them?

Let it be, relax and embrace this beautiful open-minded way of helping eachother to achieve our goals.


Yes, exactly.
It’s a wonderful idea and, from my experience, most people on THS are kind and open-minded.


Great post @ziggy. As someone who has previously been an A lister and travelled in nothing less than first class to now living a very modest life, I much prefer the modest life and the fluidity of the arrangements only add to the excitement.


Thanks for your thread i think its good to just live in the moment new experiences are healthy tc


Well said @ziggy :clap::clap:. It’s all about the experience and journey we have chosen to take, and if it’s not as we would like it occasionally, it is only temporary.
Enjoy your upcoming travels abroad.


I completely agree! I think it is good that you highlighted this. Sometimes I get the impression that some of the posts on the forum are getting a little overly “there was no chocolate on my decaf, iced, hand-poured, soy cappuccino” - especially those about homes and their cleanliness :slight_smile:
I have had lovely sits that are luxurious (by my standards) and certainly one that was far from that. But, I like to challenge myself, and to see if I can find the good in any situation. I think that is the thing to keep in mind. I am always interested to meet people and of course many of them will see the world differently from the way I do. That’s when I learn things :-)!


@KateY I couldn’t agree more! :raised_hands:

Many things that people complain about are insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe… aka first world problems! A great way to get some perspective is to ask yourself “what would the [insert name of war torn country with displaced people]'s think of this?” You quickly realise most of the things we complain about are pretty insignificant, so move on!


@Crookie absolutely correct!! I think that is why travel to third world countries has changed my attitude insofar as what you have said . I am always so grateful when I travel to those places and realise just how lucky I am to have the life I do. I expect nothing and if it turns out wonderful, it’s a blessing :smiling_face:


I make the best of things, but I also haven’t encountered what some sitters have when it comes to what sound like filthy, disgusting sits that are simply disrespectful to fellow humans who are supposed to be guests. Or dangerous situations with random third parties or pets that bite or are otherwise aggressive. Some sits just cross the line and shouldn’t be inflicted on anyone.

I consider myself selective and fortunate in my first year of sitting. And I just started my second year of THS and have just wrapped what I consider a great sit — thoughtful hosts, lovely kitties, a comfortable and clean home, and a taste of a city new to me, which I found charming and worth revisiting down the line.

As a homeowner I absolutely love your message :heart:


I’m not quite sure of your point. Are you saying that I, as a sitter, shouldn’t bother to leave an H.O’s home perfectly clean, just because my own apartment isn’t? Of course the HO “is who she is”… But so am I and I happen to take pride in leaving not just happy animals, but a clean and tidy home (although to repeat, my own home isn’t). You seem to be saying that if I’m not in the mood to tidy up and clean at the end of a sit… Well hey, that’s just the way I’m rolling at the time and the H.O should suck it up and be happy for me… But I must be misunderstanding you.

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Thank you so much for this post :blush:. I have great reviews from my HSs, I have had lovely HSs too, but sometimes I read the forum and get discouraged by some comments. In my opinion the HO and HS are both offering something special and should be grateful to each other :blush:


@KMMN lovely to hear your words, so true, and I think we all get a little discouraged sometimes on the Forum. Just ask @andrealovesanimals :laughing: Just scroll on by the ones that do this. x

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Some sage advice on here. No one makes us live like this, it’s all based on choice. We love this nomadic, ever changing, surprising lifestyle - yes there are hiccups and sits and houses that aren’t quite as described or as we hoped but hey, as @ziggy says, we’re all different and that’s what adds to the adventure & experience. #lifesrichtapestry #thanksforsharingziggy :hugs:


If it’s good enough, then it’s good enough!