Greyhound Bus Travel USA

Has anyone used Greyhound Bus to travel to your pet sit gig?

Is there a category for discussion about how we travel to our pet sit destinations?

Hi @ExploreDreamDiscover there is no specific category but there is a Sitter Question category and Travel of course, travel being your best bet as it covers this mode of transport.

@ExploreDreamDiscover I have found traveling by Greyhound bus in the US to differ vastly from region to region and I’ve only used it a handful of times and not to sit. Some are clean and more up to date, and people are quite keep to themselves and others have been the polar opposite and I was eager to get off as quickly as possible. I hope more of our members can chime in to give you more feedback.

@Kelly-Moderator yes I’ve heard it can be unpleasant and that’s a shame. I don’t think twice about traveling by bus in Europe.

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We didn’t either but then we traveled all around the Balkans by bus…and let me tell you is was WAY way worse :rofl: makes for some fun travel stories though.

The NE and Mid-Atlantic is well-served by bus companies other than Greyhound, and plenty of people take it instead of the pricier train.

Is Megabus well rated in the USA as an alternative? Maybe we could add the links of other bus/coach companies on this topic?

We used Magabus quite often when back in the UK and they were always very inexpensive (and comfy/efficient) when booked in advance. Not used in past 3-4 years though… so no recent experience.

Between DC and NYC and to a lesser extent btw NYC and Boston and Philadelphia, there are a lot of alternatives:
Best Bus
Washington Deluxe

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I would also add Flexbus to the list of alternatives both in the USA and Europe. It has saved us several times when planes and trains were shut down by strikes. Our experience is that the Flexbus buses are pretty comfortable. My problem with Greyhound is that I think their stations are often in the bad section of town.

@AnnieNai yes, as I’m curious specifically about Greyhound bus travel in the US. I feel like the stations aren’t great. Too bad.