Guests at Sits?

To me, the sit is agreed with the houseowners and sitters and I would never invite people over to someones home. It’s not right.

Hi @Tales
It’s totally down to the HO whether guests are allowed or not but it’s important it’s discussed upfront with a sitter.
I’ve sat for HO’s that are fine with guests (not that I’ve had any). I also recently met up with a couple that sit from THS who kindly cooked me dinner.

It makes most sense to ask, rather than assume, if you’d like to invite someone, since there’s wide variation in human viewpoints.

On one of my sits, the HOs actually indicated in their guide that I was welcome to invite folks over, because they had a nice outdoor space and thought others might enjoy it. Personally, I wouldn’t make such a blanket invitation in their place, but the world is full of all sorts of people, including ones more trusting than I am, LOL.


I’m not going to get involved in a pointless debate. We all have different opinions, I respect your opinion, please respect mine. Thank you

I write in my applications that I will not be having guests. Although there was one sit where in the Welcome Guide it stated we could have guests.

I have been a HO and a sitter so see both sides of this.
Two times as HO we were asked about visitors. In both cases these were middle-aged retired professionals - our instinct was they weren’t planning crazy parties or having “acquaintances” come over - just family or close friends.
One couple if they could host their family (they were in town to see kids, grandkids) for lunches (we were going to be gone 25 days: big house, big yard).
We were fine with that.
A second couple asked if they could have family and/or friends over (incl possibility of over-night) They were locals who’d moved away and we said yes.
As sitters we have asked in case that might happen - and especially when we’re in places where we know a lot of people, it’s nice to “host” a meal occassionally.
It has always worked out because we ARE respectful,
My concern as a HO would be with a sitter who does not make me feel secure.
I think you have to go with your sense of how considerate the sitter is & kind of request.
Oh, and we had a room where we put all our valuables, locked well, for the duration of our trip… If you have that as an option: peace of mind!


Thanks for that dual perspecitve

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As a sitter I find that folks should never have anyone else at your home ever unless they have asked you and you have agreed.


As a HO, I want to know if someone I don’t know is going to be in my home. I would never say no if asked, whether it’s “I have a friend who lives in your city, could she stop by” or “Would it be OK if my lover spent a few nights with me while I’m sitting” or “may I invite my siblings over for a meal.” All of that is fine. But not knowing that strangers (to me) have been invited into my home without having checked it out with me would feel like a violation of trust, not to mention that it’s a violation of THS TOS.


I’m generally against it as the host has not vetted all of the sitter’s friends and family (nor should they). To me it’s an inappropriate request as there are always public places that your sitter can gather with friends during the sit.


We would almost always say yes to a request to have a guest. We were taken aback, though, when a sitter’s friend arrived to go kayaking with the sitter while we were still walking the sitter through the house before we left. We would have preferred to have been asked.

We generally don’t allow guests in the house, simply because we don’t want to the extra liability and our business out there for people we don’t know and 2. we prefer not to have strangers coming in and out.

That being said, if a sitter was doing a longer term stay and their sibling, friend, or partner was coming to meet up with them to stay, we’d be ok with something like that, but preference for us would still be that we have met and know ahead of time everyone that will be in our space and interacting with our dog, as well as have their information in hand before their arrival.

Call me extra but I just like to make sure I cross my t’s and dot my i’s when it comes to our home and dog.

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That is a bit cheeky isn’t it?

We all have different opinions but I agree with you 100%

As a HO I would be wary about allowing unknown friends of a sitter into my home in my absence. I say this because I had a couple who had friends in for a meal. The sitters used my very best dinner service and my silver plated cutlery (which was in a separate canteen) and 11 items were missing when I got back.

That is weird. How much does silver-plated cutlery go for on a flea market? A few dollars?

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I guess the issue may also arise around insurance if a guest of the sitter caused damage for example. We are in a similar position and have been in touch with THS chat who have said that we’d still be able to claim if anything happened, but we’d have to go through our insurance first and be declined.

Anyone any experience of that?

We let HS have a FEW friends in for dinner. I always jokingly say “but no wild parties!” If they laugh they get it…if not…uh oh! Also, I’ve let the longterm housesitter have a guest overnight if they say who it is etc.

I have always asked if there is even a chance of someone dropping by for a coffee. The HO has never refused but I think a sitter can instinctively pick up on who is going to say yes or no and not put themselves in an embarrassing situation.
All my grandchildren live in Scotland and the generosity of hosts are incredible. Sometimes I don’t even have to ask, they bring up the subject of overnight guests. And the grandchildren love it. They are used to dogs and are polite and articulate. Hosts seem to enjoy their company.


Quote from the Welcome Guide of one of my upcoming sits: “No parties larger than 4 people. No dancing on kitchen island or coffee tables.” :upside_down_face: