Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is one of the ways we have of being creative at Halloween, have you carved yours yet? If not we’ve searched the internet for inspiration …

What to we need in return? Your Halloween masterpieces or a photo of how yours could look if you had the time … and a pumpkin of course.

Happy Carving Times

Pumpkin Carving Ideas


I’ve just discovered that folk tend to leave them out for wildlife to eat. However, they are apparently not good for hedgehogs so should be positioned out fo their reach. And please note that hedgehogs can climb!


I don’t have the patience to carve (although I might try this year)… but I am in need of a super spicy flavorsome pumpkin soup recipe having been donated a lovely big pumpkin here in France.

All suggestions or links welcome :slight_smile:

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